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Be Featured

Do you have an inspiring craft, tip or idea that you want to share on Delicious Ambiguity? Do you want to be seen by thousands of viewers and draw in new readers to your own site? Well here's your chance.

My Delicious Ambiguity is looking to feature creative parents and educators, the newest up and coming crafty ideas and the best free printables on the web. My goal is to keep my site inspiring and offer a wealth of tips, resources and creative ideas for parents and educators. With the help of my amazing readers I know that this goal can be reached.

The best way to be featured on MDA is to LINK LINK LINK! I grab features from our weekly "Tot Tuesdays" linky party and from our monthly "Idea Box" linky party. Some weeks I'll be on the hunt for specific topics of interest but I'm always looking to feature:

Toddler and preschool crafts
Montessori learning activities by theme
Free printables to teach toddler and preschoolers
"Tot School" lessons
Crafty projects made for your kids
Parenting tips
Domestic tips
Family and kid friendly recipes
Living gluten free
Free printables (on just about anything)
DIY gift ideas
DIY holiday decor
and more!

The best way to grab my attention is to use awesome photos, have easy instructions and link up often. I love to re-feature great blogs so link often and more than just one project.

By linking you give me full permission to feature your talent, blog post in it's entirety and photos. I'm HUGE about giving credit where it is due and I will never claim your ideas as my own. I always give credit to any photos, printable resources and ideas that I am featuring.

If I use your ideas in a feature post by category with other bloggers I will copy and paste your photo from your site onto MDA. I do take small liberties in editing if needed. Every featured idea will include a link back to its original post and clearly state the projects name and your website. It will also include a thanks and an invitation for my readers to stop on over to your site for a visit.

Would you like to have an entire post dedicated to your blog? Do you have a creative idea/ tip of yours that would be beneficial to my readers? MDA is always looking for bloggers to feature. Although new never before posted content is preferred, I don't mind posting old content if I think it would be beneficial to my readers.

So how do you do this? Send me an email to deliciousambiguityblog(at)gmail(dot)com clearly stating in the subject box the title of your post and blog name. The post should be well written, free of errors and in html format. It should include good quality photos which should also be included in the html format so that all I have to do is copy, paste and publish it. The end of your post should include a brief bio featuring a few sentences about who you are, what you blog about and a link back to your blog. It should also include a photo of you.

I'll either make a comment on your blog or send you an email telling you when to look for your post on MDA! In return I ask that you grab the "I've Been Featured Button" and slap in on your blog. It's a great way to show off your guest blogging skills to all of your readers.

So there you have it! Thanks again for helping make this blog a fun, creative, inspiring and resourceful platform for both parents and educators. I feel blessed to have such talented readers and it's always a pleasure featuring you.

If you have any questions or require more information please contact me at deliciousambiguityblog@gmail.com OR send me a message HERE.


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