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Thursday, December 22, 2011

New Years Learning Activities

Noise Maker Painting:  Have children dip noise makers into the paint then blow into them so they splat on the paper. 

Fireworks Pictures: Use black construction paper and white glue to make a firework design on it and sprinkle it with different colored glitter or confetti.    

New Years Wishes: Have children think of something to wish for or something that they want to learn in the coming year.

Calendar Stories: Take old calendars and cut off the pictures. Let your children choose a picture and dictate a story about it to you. Write the story on the bottom of a large piece of paper and tape the picture on the top of the paper.

Old & New: Talk with your children about how New Year’s is the time to say goodbye to the old year and hello to the new one. Set out a pile of toys, some old, some new. Have your children sort the toys into two piles, old and new. Continue with other piles, such as old and new shoes, or books.

News Paper Day: Explore the newspaper together. Talk about age appropriate current events.

Calendar Sorting & Patterning: Sort numerals cut from several calendar pages into matching piles. Colour in the squares on a calendar page to make patterns (one red, one blue, one red, etc).

Dramatic Play
New Years Play: Give children party hats, old fancy dresses, old men's suits, lots of jewelry, noise makers, and a clock set at 12:00. Introduce the materials to the children and talk about how many people celebrate the new year.  Put the props in your dramatic play center and let the party begin! 

Sensory Bin: You will find many things to fill your bin with at your local dollar store! Grab some horns, party blowers, confetti, and beads!

Gross Motor Skills
New Years Freeze Dancing:  Give each child a noise maker.  Play some peppy music.  While the music is playing, the children can blow their noise makers.  When the music stops, the children freeze and yell "Happy New Year." 

Bubble Wrap Pop:  Tape sheets of bubble wrap to the floor. Count down from 10, and then the kids jump on the bubble wrap to make fireworks sounds. You can also throw confetti or crepe paper streamers. (Then have fun using masking tape to clean up the mess!)

Ring The Bells: Sung to “Row Row Row Your Boat”. Give each child a set of bells) and then sing the following, “Ring ring ring the bells. Ring them loud and clear. Let's tell everyone around that the New Year is here!!”.

New Years Themed Snacks
Edible New Year Hats: Have the children spread the cream cheese on the outside of the sugar cone.  Next, they can decorate their "hat" with the carrot shavings, raisins, and dried cranberries.  Finally, EAT!!!!  YUM!

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