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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sorry I've Been MIA Lately!

Hi all,

Just wanted to stop in and say hello and let you know that I haven’t forgot about you. I apologize for my lack of posting and in not returning most emails. Life has been a gongshow lately!

As I mentioned right before Easter my son fell and cracked his head open/ suffered from a concussion. We then spent the next week making sure he was ok, fighting off a high fever and then enduring a complete fiasco trying to get his stitches removed as my doctor was out of town and Urgent Care was too busy to help us out.

At the same time, I just started working full-time for the first time in 2.5 years and was trying to balance being a single working mom for the very first time. K struggled in daycare crying every day for a week and not adjusting well at all. He also caught a nasty bug that he just couldn’t seem to shake but having not been in daycare before his poor immune system just wasn’t used to being around so many cooties. And, since he continues to put everything in his mouth constantly he sure has caught a lot of them!

I’m not one to medicate my child and in the past, having been a stay at home mom, we chose to stick it out and find other ways around getting over sickness. However, having green boogers, fevers on and off and overall just feeling like crap I decided I’d better take him to the doctor. The morning of the doctors visit I felt awful and got checked out too. K was diagnosed with a sinus infection and given antibiotics for it and I was diagnosed with a nasty case of Strep Throat. Not crazy about giving K drugs but feeling like he really needed them plus worried about having to take more time off from my very new job I filled the prescription.

A few days later I got a call from his daycare that he spiked a high fever and I needed to go pick him up. So off work I go again and back to the doctor. The doctor prescribes him more antibiotics telling me he’s now caught my Strep Throat. A few days pass and he isn’t getting much better. In fact he’s getting worse and now is covered with a full body rash and a fever that we can’t seem to control. Back to Urgent Care we go only to be told he never had Strep Throat and was having a severe allergic reaction to the Sulphur drugs he was on. Plus, the antibiotics compromised his immune system and he had now caught the other cooties going around the daycare.

I spent the entire weekend laying in bed with him, rubbing his back, holding him and eating popsicles in between bathing him in yogurt and trying to get the itching and fever down to a minimum. He seems to be doing better and the rash is fading slowly but now he’s struggling with an awful cough that makes him nearly throw up and an inability to sleep well or be comfortable. I am exhausted having been sleeping (well trying too anyways) on his floor for a month now and struggling to work full time and get everything else that needs to be done on top of it all.

My heart breaks for my little man but I have faith that we will get through it and that hopefully, in the near future, his immune system will get stronger and we won’t be so sick all the time. I hope to be back to blogging soon but unfortunately, I’m just not sure when that will be. Between sickness, working full time and trying to make a new start back in Canada with just the 2 of us, my plate is too full and my time, strength and patience stretched too thin. I’d appreciate any prayers or positive healing thoughts for us that you can give.

And above all I’d really like to thank you for your patience and in sticking with me through this difficult journey.

I’ll be seeing you again soon!


  1. Oh man! That's hard on everyone. Hang in there and things will get easier.

  2. Sounds like a really, really terrible time for you both. Praying for sure!

  3. Big hugs! I'm sorry you're having such a time of it. I hope you are both well soon.

  4. Oh, Jenn, I'm so sorry to hear about all your troubles. My heart goes out to you, and my thoughts are with K and a speedy, full recovery. I hope you can continue to find the strength to keep your energy up. Let me know if I can do anything to help.

  5. I just wanted to send you some big hugs, and hope that things gets better for you soon.

  6. I'm so sorry you've had such a terrible time lately. Praying it gets better quickly.

  7. Ohhh,I'm so sorry...
    You both will be in my thoughts and prayers.
    You'll be blessed.

  8. I am sorry to hear you both have been going so much! I hope he feels better soon and take care of you!

  9. Oh gosh, that sounds awful for both of you! I hope you both are feeling better soon. Good luck with the new job!

  10. I'm sorry for your child, I hope you heal soon, big hugs,

  11. Goodness, that's too much for one person to handle. Do you have anyone close by that can help you out at all? I'm praying for you & hope everyone is happy & healthy soon.

  12. Hi Jenn,

    I'm very sorry to hear that you have been going through such a rough time!! I must say that having a sick child is awful! Us Mommy's really don't like our babies to be ill! I hope both you and your little boy will be tip top very soon!

    Thinking of you,

  13. So sorry that you and the little man have been having a tough time! Shortly after I went back to work, LM broke his leg, I was overwhelmed with Christmas projects... so I took some time away from blogging. I don't regret it. I'm now easing my way back into blogging a post at a time... always remembering that family is most important! : )

  14. So sorry to hear that you guys have been having such a rough time! Praying for you both!

  15. Thinking and praying for the both of you! Stay strong and hopeful for better days.


  16. First things first! Hope he's feeling better soon! Good luck!

  17. Hope you guys start to feel better! My son started going to a "school" for 2 hours twice a week and got super sick 2 times in 3 weeks (as well as passing it to us!).....Everyone keeps tellig me that it's better to get their immune sytem built up now but it is just so hard to see them sick when they are so little :(

  18. I am praying things get better for both of you soon.


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