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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Little Help For The Birds From SmileMonsters

Now that it is Spring its a perfect time to create, learn and play outdoors. Today Jo from SmileMonsters is sharing with us a neat idea to help out our bird friends!

* * * * *

I was so happy to be invited to share my little bird nest helpers! Here we go.....

These nest material hangers for the birds are all over the place. We tried our hand at them this week.

Bits of string, ribbon, burlap, jute, and various other nesting items

for the birds to come and choose for their nest making.

We didn't have anything around to use as a basket to hold our nesting material. I have seen onion bags or berry baskets used.

So we made some.

We measured 7-8" strands of jute, about 20 of them.

Taped down the ends and wove one side of our basket. We held the weave together with little dots of hot glue. Then we did it again so we had two sides for a woven jute pouch of sorts.

My 7 year old had fun. The 4 year old lost interest very quickly and moved on to other 4 year old things.

This is mine. My two sides are held together with strips of felt that I folded over the edges. The top is left open for refilling with all sorts of nest making goodies.

Here is my helper's. He wove his two sides together with a long piece of ribbon that also serves as the hanger. The top of this one was left open for re-stuffing too.

This was a fun project for us and we have been checking every few days to see how much of our nesting material has been taken.

A little about me:
I am Jo of SmileMonsters. I am a stay-at-home mom to two little boys (4&7) and one big girl (18!). We are always doing something to keep busy. I started SmileMonsters to share some of our crafty adventures.

* * * * *
Thanks so much for sharing with us today, Jo! Make sure to stop on over to SmileMonsters today and say hello!


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