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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Learning Activities With Jelly Beans

One of K and I's favorite gluten free snacks is Jelly Bellys so I've always got a massive supply on hand. Whether I'm bribing with toilet training or just satisfying our sweet tooth, there always seems to be a good reason to buy the huge bag of Jelly Bellys from Costco. Since Easter is coming up shortly I thought I'd brainstorm some fun games and learning activities that you can do with jelly beans. The best part is that once these activities are finished you can eat them!

Estimation: How many jelly beans do you think there are? How many jelly beans can fit into a cup?

Sorting: Sort the jelly beans by colour.

Colour Recognition: Make a shade scale. Which is the darkest red? The brightest red? The palest pink?

Counting: How many jelly beans do you have of each colour? All together?

Measurement: How many jelly beans laid end to end does it take to make an inch? A foot? The length of the table? Glue jelly beans to a tongue depressor and have child measure things around the room.

Roll A Die Game: Have child roll a dice and eat the number of jelly beans that the die lands on.

Weight: How much does a jelly bean weigh? 50 jellybeans?

Graphing: Graph how many of each colour you have.

Patterning: Create a pattern with the jelly beans and have your child finish it.

Geometry: Create shapes using jelly beans. Give younger children pre made templates of shapes, numerals or letters and have them put the jelly beans on the outline to create this task.

Addition And Subtraction/ Multiplication And Division: Use jelly beans as manipulatives to solve math problems.

Spelling: Use jelly beans to form letters and make letters into words.

Taste Test: Which jelly bean is the sweetest? The most sour? The saltiest? Which one do you like the best? Take a sweet jelly bean and try to figure out which part of your tongue you can taste it best on.

Fine Motor:  Using a spoon, have child try to scoop up jelly beans and transfer to a different place. Use tweezers and repeat the same process.

Gross Motor: Give your child a cup and a handful of jelly beans. Have him stand on a line and practice tossing the jelly beans into the cup.

Singing With Jellybeans: Display five jelly beans in five different colours. Then sing together, "Five little jelly beans, I wish I had more! I'll eat the red one, now there are four!". Repeat this with different coloured jelly beans letting child pick which jelly bean is next.

What kinds of activities do you do with jelly beans?


  1. That is a great collection of ideas!

  2. Fun! I can't wait to go to the dollar store and get some jelly beans and go learning crazy with them!

  3. These are wonderful! What a great variety of activities! I love taste testing them.


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