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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Moustache Bash: A Perfect Joint 30th & 2nd Birthday Celebration

In October (gasp!!) my partner turned thirty and my son turned two. Today I'm FINALLY sharing with you all of the details of the party-talk about procrastinating!!!

Because their birthdays are two weeks apart it made more sense to do a joint celebration than to do two separate parties. The hardest part was picking a theme that wasn't too babyish or too grown up. After much deliberation we decided on a Mr Man Theme with moustaches and neckties. "Mr Man" seemed to confuse people so we decided to call it a Moustashe Bash instead. 

The Invitation:
I love the color scheme of aqua and red with black and white accents so I designed the invitation to match. 

The Decor:
We had the party at a park near our house that we loved and was perfect for both toddlers and adults to enjoy. I hung up clusters of red, blue and white balloons on the pillars and then hung string between them. I then attached ties with pegs and cut outs of the numbers two and thirty. Can you believe that we were able to find all of these ties at S's parents house?

The table was covered in an aqua table cloth and red with white polka dotted wrapping paper as the table runner. Both were purchased from the dollar store for two dollars a piece.

I drew moustaches on the cups with a sharpie and attached paper moustaches to red and blue straws. The moustache template was a freebie from The Inspired Bride that I shrunk to fit and the straws and cups were also purchased from the dollar store.

Clear cutlery was rolled in blue napkins and tied in red ribbon.

I attached blue ribbon around the edges of my white cardboard cupcake stand to match the table. I already had a left over birthday hat from last year so I printed some paper that I designed to match the color scheme and glued it over the existing hat. I made the pom pom from left over felt that I already had and attached it to the hat using a glue gun. It was easy to make, free and looked awesome on the top of my cupcake stand!

I framed printable signs that I found from The Hostess Blog and placed them on the table near the food and beverages. I thought they added a nice touch and were perfect considering they matched our colours.

I also framed a photo of different kinds of moustaches that I found from Made In England which also matched our color scheme and people thought was super cute.

The decor really did look amazing and overall was very cheap because it was all things I had around the house already or that I had made on my own.

The Costumes:

You can't have a Moustache bash without moustaches right?? I bought some stick on moustaches that I found on Ebay and handed them out to our guests when they arrived. These were more than I wanted to spend ($16 for 24) but I didn't have time to order from overseas and wait patiently hoping they would arrive. However, considering the rest of the costumes were made of things we already had on hand and were therefore free, they didn't break our budget.

I provided some moustaches on a stick that I had made for the guests who didn't want the stick on kind. They were super easy to make and if you want to make your own you can download the free template from The Inspired Bride.

Face paint was provided to draw moustaches on the toddlers which they LOVED! I also let K draw a moustache on me. It looked silly but he really liked that he got to draw a moustache on mommy. Here's a photo with us and my mom who came all the way from Canada to help us celebrate.

I thought that a moustache theme seemed very grown up for a toddler party so, to balance it out I added ties to the 'costumes'. My son wore a tie t-shirt which we had specially made for the occasion.

I provided tie napkins to all of our guests. They were made by cutting tie shapes out of free printable scrapbook paper and then glueing them onto the napkins. The napkins could be tucked into the top of everyones shirt and also served double duty as toddler "bibs" when cupcakes were served.

Although the napkins and moustaches were a bit time consuming to make they definitely set the theme of the party and gave everyone a good giggle. Here's photos of some of our guests:

The Menu:
We definitely prepared too much food because people ate their hearts out and there was still heaps left at the end of the party. We provided sushi (homemade-the perks of having a Japanese partner), sandwiches, crackers and cheese, a fruit platter, veggie platter with dips, salami, cheddar and pickle skewers, cherry tomatoes, basil and baby boccaccini skewers. I also had red and blue jello jigglers and cupcakes (gluten free of course!) for dessert.

The Activities:
The toddlers each got to make their own ties using crayons and bingo dabbers.

They played with a homemade bowling game that I made special for the occasion using recycled water bottles and food coloring. There was lots of room to blow bubbles, kick balls, ride bikes, draw with sidewalk chalk and play at the playground too.

Once all of the toddlers went home and K went down for his nap, S and his friends played a Frisbee Golf Game which I downloaded for free from My Computer Is My Canvas. We used small rubbish bins from S's office that were being thrown away and I purchased a few frisbees from the dollar store to play with. Cheap, fast to make and definitely a lot of fun. The guys loved it so much that they've played it a few times since then.

(photo from My Computer Is My Canvas)

The Party Favours:
For the toddler party favour bags I cut out ties to match the wrapping paper table runner and glued them on the front of the bag. I filled the bags with bubbles, a fun straw and sidewalk chalk. They also got a cookie to take home too.

The adults each got a cookie which I packaged in paper CD sleeves and labeled using a free printable that I got from Pink Peacock via Intimate Weddings. I'm told the cookies were yummy and the adults were very impressed that they got to go home with something too.

The Thank You Card:
After the party I sent thank you cards that I designed out to all of our guests. They matched the invitation and were super fun although the hardest part was finding a nice family photo or a photo of my boys together. As it turns out, I didn't really get any! Next year I'll be better prepared and make sure someone else is in charge of the picture taking!

This party was a lot of work to put together but the overall result definitely made it all worthwhile. It was a lot of fun, enjoyed by everyone who attended and I'm sure will be fondly remembered for years to come.



  1. This sounds and looks like fantastic fun!!

  2. I love this idea. It is so creative and fun!! Thanks for sharing.


  3. What a fun party! A friend of mine is a professional cake baker, and she was recently asked to make a 'moustache-themed' birthday cake for a teenaged girl. We thought it was a really weird request at the time, but now that I've seen your party post, I think it looks like so much fun! I must forward this to my friend too.


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