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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Healthy St Patrick's Day Snacks For Kids

It's easy to serve up all things green for St Patrick's day but why not liven things up with these creative snack recipes that are sure to be a huge hit with the kids:

Veggie Rainbow Wraps from Healthy Happy Life

Shamrock Pancakes from A Mommy's Adventure

Leprechaun O'Riley from Little Nummies

Leprechaun Lunch from Gourmet Mom On The Go

Rainbow Toast from Geek Mom

Irish Flag Kabobs from Make The Best Of Everything

Rainbow Stuffed Toast from Martha Stewart

Potato Candy from Munchkin Munchies

Zucchini-Banzo-Potato Pancakes from Sweet Utopia Blog

Shamrock Pizza from Nummy Kitchen

Pea Pops from Parents Connect

Green Magic Lantern Drink from Foodessa

Soda Bread from Diva Indoors

Watergate Jell-O from Chef Shauniece

Leprechaun Legs from Kids Kuisine

Shamrock Toasties from Family Fun

Shamrocks Sammies from Share Holidays

Fairy Bread from Ella And Baba

Guacamole from K is For Kitchen

Honeydew Melon And Canteloupe Skewers from Little Wonders Days

Green Shake from Petit Appetite

Peanutty Good Luck Snack from Betty Crocker

Rainbow Fruit Skewers from Lunchalicious

 Green Mac N Cheese from Kid Appeal

Pistachio Muffins from Hannah Keely

Pot Of Gold from Nana's Corner

Green Snack from Honeybee Mindful

Vanilla Bean Applesauce from Kaboose

Shamrock Shake from My Little Gems

Leprechaun Snacks from Canadian Family

Fruit Rainbows from Sarah's Blog

Shamrock Green Peppers from Martha Stewart

Aren't these amazing? I cannot wait to whip some of these recipes up this week. If you were featured today you can find a button to display on your blog HERE.

What are you feeding the kids for St Patrick's day this year?


  1. Thanks for featuring our honeydew and canteloupe skewers! You sure rounded up the mother load of St. Pat's snacks. Thanks!!

  2. thanks for the links! i added yours to my list on my blog today:) http://wifemomwoman.wordpress.com/2011/03/10/st-patricks-day-food-and-treats-ideas/

  3. What a great round up of great ideas! Thanks and thanks for linking me :)

  4. Can I tell you how awesome you are?! I needed a healthy preschool snack idea for my daughter's class on the week of St. Patrick's Day and voila - you have now made it a difficult choice! Which of these wonderful creations will I choose?? Thank you!


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