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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Fun April Fools Day Pranks For Kids

If you are planning on celebrating April Fools Day by playing some pranks on your family here's some funny traditions to inspire you:

Food & Beverages:

  1. Serve a meal in the reversed order, with dessert first and the main course or appetizer last.
  2. Serve foods in different dishes to confuse dinner. For example, place a beverage in a bowl or food in a glass.
  3. Disguise food as something else. For example, make cupcakes look like meatloaf and ice it with mashed potatoes.
  4. Put food coloring in milk.
  5. Serve Jello to look like juice.
  6. Use large dishes and utensils to eat with.
  7. Ban all utensils to eat with.
  8. Switch out cereal in the cereal boxes for breakfast.
  9. Switch out the food wrappers in your childs lunch.
  10. Put gummy worms in apples.
  11. Replace salt with sugar in your shakers or containers.
  12. Freeze a bowl of cereal and milk with the spoon inside.
More Jokes You Can Do:
  1. Stuff your childrens shoes with tissue paper down in the toe so they can't get them on all the way.
  2. Make good use of a rubber spider.
  3. When your child is sleeping gently move them into a different bed.
  4. Replace your childs clothes for clothing that is too small.
  5. Change the time on the alarm clock and hide it so that when it goes off your child will have difficulty finding it.
  6. Mix up their stuff- put toys where clothing belongs, clothing where toys belong and hand some toys from the ceiling so they have to jump to get it.
  7. Replace the desktop photo on the computer with a photo of mom or dad and a note saying, "We are watching you!"
  8. Take the batteries out of the remote controls.
  9. Use food coloring to change the water in their bath.

What are your April Fools day family traditions? I'd love to hear all about them!


  1. Use a rubber band to make the sink sprayer stay on. Then when they turn the water on to rinse a dish or wash their hands, they get sprayed! Always good for a laugh, though you might even get yourself with this one!

  2. I'm new and love your site - subscribing and printing out this list of ideas. Thanks!

  3. We've never done anything for this day, I just may change that this week and do something clever and cute!


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