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Monday, March 28, 2011

Easter/ Spring Activity A Day Countdown Calendar

Easter is next month so I've been busy working on an activity a day countdown calendar for kids that I know you will love! Can you believe that including this one I've made an activity a day countdown calendar for every holiday of the year?!

My Easter countdown calendar includes 11 pages of activity cards filled with Montessori inspired activities to learn about spring and celebrate Easter. Activities encourage imagination and teach skills in math, music, language arts, geography, science and art. They also include fun games to teach fine motor and gross motor skills. I've also included cards with acts of service and fun activities that you can do together as a family to celebrate Easter. All activities require little prep work and can be done with things you already have at home or can acquire easily and on a budget. 

This calendar is super easy to make and takes no time! I've set up 14 days for us to countdown this year because now that K is going to daycare and I'm going to be working full time we just won't have the time to do them all. However, there are 30 number labels and more than 60 activity cards so you can do a month or more than one activity a day if you wanted to.

To make your own calendar you will need the following materials:

-14 small paper bags (8.9 cm x 5.1 cm x 17.2 cm)
-3 pieces of A4 sized white paper for the labels
-8 pieces of A4 sized white paper for the cards
-14 small wooden pegs
-Laminator (optional)

To assemble:
1.    Print off the labels and activity cards on white A4 paper.
2.    Cut the labels and activity cards out.
3.    Place an activity card in each bag. You can also include other Easter goodies as well.
4.    Fold the top of the bag over and secure it with a number label and a wooden peg.

Some other ways to make your calendar:
1. Hang the bags on a string and attach to a wall.
2. Use envelopes to hold the cards and attach to a wall.
3. Use envelopes to hold the cards but punch a hole at the top and secure them together with a 2" ring.
4. Laminate the labels and attach to a cupcake tin with double sided tape.
5. Use the activity cards in any pre-existing calendar that you have.

**Please note that Activity A Day Countdown Calendars For Kids were created by me and are therefore copyrighted to Delicious Ambiguity Blog. I first introduced the Valentines Day Countdown Calendar in February of 2010 as a free printable on my website. Due to popular demand I have created an activity a day countdown calendar for every holiday of the year and now offer them for sale in my Etsy Shop. I am always flattered when others are inspired by my ideas and choose to recreate their own version. However, please give credit where credit is due and display a link back to my blog when doing so. Thanks!**

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 You can now purchase this printable pdf in my Etsy shop for $3.50 USD.

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  1. This is wonderful, I love how you are celebrating spring and Easter. I was just thinking how I wanted my kids to be mindful of the meaning of Easter this year, as opposed to just counting the days until they get easter eggs. Love your inspiring blog :)

  2. I have actually done this before! But I did it on New Years Eve for the kids to be able to stay active and not be bored while they waited for the ball to drop! I did a bag for every hour starting at 6pm and ending at midnight. I had New Years treats and activities inside each one. They loved them!


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