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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine Learning Activities For Toddlers And Preschoolers

Looking for some great hands on learning activities for Valentines day? Today I'm sharing my top ten favorites to do with young kids. My apologies that I don't have personal photos to share with you today. I've been meaning to share this post for two weeks now but have been much too busy with the move and now I can't seem to find my camera. None the less, these activities are fantastic and there's still time to try them out before Valentines day!

Valentines Day Store Roleplay: Set up a Valentines Day store. Put out paper valentines, candy and gifts with prices, a cash register, calculator, play money, receipt paper and bags. Let children take turns being the customer and cashier.

Toss Across (X and Os game): Lay pieces of red and pink construction paper on the floor like a Tic Tac Toe board. Label paper with O's (for hugs) and X's (for kisses). Have child toss a sock or beanbag onto the paper. When they get an O give each other a kiss and when they get an X give hugs.

Disappearing Hearts: Before beginning this project cut tissue paper hearts in several different sizes. Have your child paint vinegar onto white paper and then place the tissue paper hearts onto the paper. Once the tissue paper dries it will peel off to reveal beautiful heart designs.

Heartbeats: Obtain cheap stethoscopes or make your own using toilet paper rolls. Take turns listening to each others heartbeats. Then exercise for a few minutes and listen to each others heartbeats again. See if you can tell a difference.

Valentines Discovery Bottle: Funnel foil heart confetti or red glitter into a small bottle. Fill with water leaving a little bit of room at the top. Add a couple of drops of red food coloring and seal with hot glue.

Valentines Day Sensory Tub: Fill a small container with rice, candy hearts, foam hearts, red, pink and white pom poms, glitter etc. Give child a large slotted spoon and a small plastic container and let him practice scooping and pouring.

Candy Bar Sequencing: Estimate and measure the length an width of different sized chocolate bars (you can use pictures or actual chocolate bars). Practice sequencing from biggest to smallest and vice versa.

Heart Walk:  Search the house, park, stores and other places you go today for heart shaped things. Keep track of how many you find by making tally marks in a notebook and then graphing them when you return home; OR take photos of all the hearts you find today and make a photo album or collage with them.

Counting Hearts: Using a marker write the numbers 1-12 in an egg carton. Give child candy hearts and have him practice counting and putting the appropriate number of candy hearts in each section. 

Arranging Flowers: Give your child a plastic vase or a small piece of foam and an assortment of fake or real flowers. Let child practice arranging them or making bouquets. To extend this exercise why not make the flowers yourself?

What types of learning activities will you be doing with your little ones this Valentines day?


  1. OMG Jenn...I just stumbled onto your site...this is totally awesome and I've just started looking!!

  2. What a great list of ideas, I especially love this version of a discovery bottle.


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