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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Activities To Study Dr Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish

Today we're learning all about colours and fish while reading Dr Seuss' One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. Here's some fun activities you can do along with us:

Literacy: Fishing
Make a fishing rod out of a stick, string and magnet. Cut out paper fish from construction paper and write a letter on each one. Clip paperclips onto the paper fish. Place the fish in a large bucket. Take turns "casting" your line into the bucket, saying "One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish" as you do it. Child must practice identifying the letter on each fish.

Have child practice sorting fish by colour and size or uppercase and lowercase letters.

Art: Paper Plate Fish
Draw a triangle mouth shape on a paper plate. Have your child cut out the triangle, and have them glue it on the fish as a tail. Let your child color, or use glitter, or tissue paper to decorate their fish.

Math: Counting Goldfish
Tape numbers in the inside of a muffin tin, 1 to 6. Tell your child to place the appropriate number of Goldfish crackers into each "fish bowl" (the holes in the muffin tin). 

Motor Skills: Gold Fish Toss
Give your child a variety of balled up socks in an assortment of colours and a laundry basket. Have child tell you what colour the sock (fish) is and then toss it into the basket (fish bowl). Count how many fish land in the fish bowl or sort by colour.

Recipe: Fish in the Lake Snack
Make blue Jell-O (to represent the lake) with your child letting him mix, stir and add the ingredients in a small clear plastic cup or bowl. Cut grapes in half (to represent fish) and place in the Jell-O counting as you do so. Refrigerate as per instructions on the box.

Drama: Play Fisherman
Let your child pretend to be a fishermen. You can use a box with low sides for a boat or a laundry basket, dowels with strings for poles, and plastic fish. You can also provide shading hats, empty tackle boxes, and lunchpails. 


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