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Monday, February 28, 2011

Activities To Study Dr Seuss' Green Eggs And Ham

My favorite Dr Seuss book is Green Eggs And Ham.  I've been lucky enough to read and teach it to preschool students in Canada, South Korea and Thailand so there's no shortage of things to keep us busy today! Won't you join us in doing some fun activities to go along with this silly story?

Literacy: Rhyming
Discuss rhyming words.  Ask your child if two words rhyme, then let them make up silly or real words that rhyme with the word you give them.  Example-- you say ham and they say sam, bam, zam.  You could also make a concentration game out of rhyming word cards.  To make the cards, photocopy pictures from the book, cut them out and paste them onto index cards. Let your child play a memory game with them. A match is made when two rhyming words are found.

Science: Floating Eggs
Put a hardboiled egg in water. The egg will sink. Tell your children that you are going to add salt to the water and ask them what they think will happen. Once you stir in enough salt the egg will actually float.

Art: Green Foods
Brainstorm green foods or cut out green foods from a flyer or magazine. Classify into foods that you like and you don’t like. Once you are finished glue the green foods that you would like to eat onto a paper plate.

Drama: Chef Play
Make some green eggs and ham out of felt pieces. Give your child a frying pan, bowls, spoons, dishes and anything else that they might enjoy cooking with. Let them use their imagination to cook up food for you.

Gross Motor Skills: Egg Race
Have a spoon race using a large plastic spoon and a green plastic Easter egg. Child must balance the egg on a spoon as they walk. Once this is mastered have them push the egg across the room with their nose!

Math: Egg Counting
Glue a pink, ham-slice shaped construction paper circle to a dinner-size paper plate. Cut 12 egg shapes from green card stock and place the eggs in a zipper baggie. Give child a foam dice, the plate and the baggie of eggs. Ask child to place green eggs on the plate to match the number on the dice.

Sensory: Playdough
Give child an empty egg carton and different colored playdough. Have child roll the playdough into eggs and sort them in the egg carton.

Recipe: Make Green Eggs and Ham
Make scrambled eggs but add green food coloring or pesto (my favorite) to make them green. Serve with ham for breakfast or a snack. Mmm…



  1. Jenn, all great activities for a great book. I really like the idea of the playdough and the egg carton. I am always interested in activities which reuse egg carton.

    PS Last year I made a little felt fried egg with a green center. My girls really liked it.

  2. I agree, the playdoh eggs in an egg carton sound fun. Thanks for so many good ideas in different areas.

  3. Great ideas! My 5-year-old was stacking up all of his Dr. Seuss books the other day in preparation for yesterday and we couldn't find Green Eggs and Ham. As soon as we do, we'll have to try some of these.

  4. This is one of our favorite "activity" books! You have some great ideas that I haven't done before! Thank you!

  5. I just wanted to share a gameboard for this book... By the way, great blog...



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