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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Activities To Study Dr Seuss' The Foot Book

Dr Seuss' birthday is March 2nd and to celebrate K and I are going to have a week worth of Dr Seuss fun by reading and learning about one book each day. Today I'm sharing with you some activities to go along with one of our favorite books, The Foot Book.

If Your Happy And You Know It

This book is full of opposites!  Point some of them out to your child today. For example, up/down, high/low, near/far, left/right, light/dark, sun/moon, here/there, black/white, yes/no, man/woman, boy/girl, open/close, happy/sad, old/new, fat/thin, wet/dry. After you finish reading the book, call out some words and see if your child can give you the opposite.  Younger toddlers won't be able to do this but there is no harm in talking about it!

Trace feet and compare which is big and small. Match shoes in pairs and then line up biggest to smallest and vice versa. You can also graph by type of shoe.

Teach your child right and left.   Put an R on your child's right foot and an L on his left.  Re-read the story.  Every time you read the words right or left, have your kick the foot (or point to the foot) that coordinates with the reading.

Put paint on your child's feet and allow him to paint using his feet and toes.

Put bubble wrap on the floor and let them walk on it and pop it.
Motor Skills: 
Have child trace their feet on construction paper and cut them out. They can decorate each foot and label it. Then create an obstacle course made of feet by taping the paper feet across the room. Place them so that child must crawl under and over safe obstacles. Then have them follow the feet!

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  1. Thanks for the ideas! I'll be using them on Friday, March 4th (forth)!


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