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Friday, February 25, 2011

Activities To Study Dr Seuss' The Cat In The Hat

Today we're reading The Cat In The Hat by Dr Seuss and I can't wait to try these activities out with K.


 Fingerplay: 5 Little Cats
(make 5 tiny hats for fingers)

One little cat on a sunny day,

Put on his hat and went out to play.

Two little cats when it started getting dark,

Put on their hats and went to the park.

Three little cats when the sky was blue,

Put on their hats and went to the zoo.

Four little cats by the kitchen door,

Put on their hats and went to the store.

Five little cats on a sunny day,

Put on their hats and they all ran away.

Shape Emergent Reader from Making Learning Fun 

Let child paint or colour red stripes on a white lunch bag.  Roll the bottom of the lunch bag up and staple to a paper plate brim as described above.

Snack Recipe: Mini Cat’s Hats

Start with a Ritz cracker. Spread a layer of cream cheese on. Add a thin cherry tomato slice and repeat.

Motor Skills: A Balancing Act
The Cat in the Hat always seems to be balancing things. Give child a small paper bag full of an identical group of items, such as a block, a spoon, a crayon, a marble, a plastic straw, and a bowl. Have each child try to make a tower with all of the items, balancing them in the easiest way possible. After this activity, discuss with children how the process went. Which items balanced most easily on top? Which items worked best on the bottom? Why?

Math: Whiskers 
Draw 5 cat faces without whiskers. Write a number onto each cat 1 through 5. Provide the children with 15 pipe cleaners, and have the children place the appropriate number of whiskers onto each cat.

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