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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Moustache Bash: The Decor

Last week I showed you the Invitation for my son and partners Moustache Bash birthday party. Today I am going to show you some of the details that made it a hit!

We live in a small townhouse so having the party at our house was not an option. We had the party at a park near our house that we loved and was perfect for both toddlers and adults to enjoy.  I was very stressed prior to the party worrying that we wouldn't get a covered picnic table so we got to the park  at seven-thirty in the morning and luckily got the last available table. I was also worried about the weather because it was cold and rainy the day before and was forecasted to be quite windy but it turned out to be an absolutely beautiful sunny day. Luck was definitely on our side!

Shuttling people and stuff back and forth from home to the park ment that I didn't have enough time to take photos of everything and eventually just forgot. Next year I will definitely be better prepared and pass the photography stuff onto someone else. 

Anyways, without further adu, here is the decor from our party:

I hung up clusters of red, blue and white balloons on the pillars and then hung string between them. I then attached ties with pegs and cut outs of the numbers two and thirty. Can you believe that we were able to find all of these ties at S's parents house?

The table was covered in an aqua table cloth and red with white polka dotted wrapping paper as the table runner. Both were purchased from the dollar store for two dollars a piece.

I drew moustaches on the cups with a sharpie and attached paper moustaches to red and blue straws. The moustache template was a freebie from The Inspired Bride that I shrunk to fit and the straws and cups were also purchased from the dollar store.

Clear cutlery was rolled in blue napkins and tied in red ribbon.

I attached blue ribbon around the edges of my white cardboard cupcake stand to match the table. I already had a left over birthday hat from last year so I printed some paper that I designed to match the color scheme and glued it over the existing hat. I made the pom pom from left over felt that I already had and attached it to the hat using a glue gun. It was easy to make, free and looked awesome on the top of my cupcake stand!

I framed printable signs that I found from The Hostess Blog and placed them on the table near the food and beverages. I thought they added a nice touch and were perfect considering they matched our colours.

I also framed a photo of different kinds of moustaches that I found from Made In England which also matched our color scheme and people thought was super cute.

The decor really did look amazing and overall was very cheap because it was all things I had around the house already or that I had made on my own. The day was a hit and the many hours spent planning and preparing for this party were definitely worth it, even without much photo evidence :)

In the coming weeks I'll be sharing the costumes, menu and budget, party favors and games.



  1. Great decor and fabulous ideas!!!!

  2. What a great party! I love that you were able to do it outside :-)


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