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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Moustache Bash: The Costumes

I recently threw a Moustache Bash joint birthday party for my son and partner. Today I'm excited to share the "costumes" from our party!

Honestly, you can't have a Moustache bash without moustaches right? I bought some stick on moustaches that I found on Ebay and handed them out to our guests when they arrived. These were more than I wanted to spend ($16 for 24) but I didn't have time to order from overseas and wait patiently hoping they would arrive. However, considering the rest of the costumes were made of things we already had on hand and were therefore free, they didn't break our budget.

I provided some moustaches on a stick that I had made for the guests who didn't want the stick on kind. They were super easy to make and if you want to make your own you can download the free template from The Inspired Bride.

Face paint was provided to draw moustaches on the toddlers which they LOVED! I also let K draw a moustache on me. It looked silly but he really liked that he got to draw a moustache on mommy. Here's a photo with us and my mom who came all the way from Canada to help us celebrate.

I thought that a moustache theme seemed very grown up for a toddler party so, to balance it out I added ties to the 'costumes'. My son wore a tie t-shirt which we had specially made for the occasion.

I provided tie napkins to all of our guests. They were made by cutting tie shapes out of free printable scrapbook paper and then glueing them onto the napkins. The napkins could be tucked into the top of everyones shirt and also served double duty as toddler "bibs" when cupcakes were served.

Although the napkins and moustaches were a bit time consuming to make they definitely set the theme of the party and gave everyone a good giggle. Here's photos of some of our guests:

Too cute hey? If only I had the camera out and managed to get a photo of everyone! 

If you missed the previous posts of our moustache bash you can read all about the invitation HERE and the decor HERE. I'll be sharing more details of our party in the weeks to come.

Hope the men in your life are rocking the 'stache for Movember!

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  1. Hilarious!!! Wish my liitle one was old enough for this! I am definitely putting this post in favs folder. Thanks for sharing!


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