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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Holiday Gifts Young Kids Can Make

If you are thinking of making homemade gifts with your kids this year I've got some fun ideas for you to try:

Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments from Me Vs. The House

Fingerprint Snowman from Full Of Great Ideas

Passport And Chequebook Covers from Martha Stewart

Hand Santas from Chasing Cheerios

Coasters from Starfish Blog

Painted Mugs And Hot Chocolate from Greensim

Snowball Surprise Soap from Chasing Cheerios

Chocolate Truffle Sampler from Kitchen Daily

Crayon Box and Pencil Frame from Shelter Pop

Painted Glass Ornaments from Chasing Cheerios

Ink Blot Prints from Parents

Box Of Love from Amazing Moms

Iron On Tote Bag from Martha Stewart

Cookie Cutter Candles from Family Fun

Decal Cookie Tins from Martha Stewart

Kids Feet And Hands Christmas Rug from Full Of Great Ideas

Chocolate Spoons from More 4 Kids

Featured today? You can grab a button HERE. What are you making with the kids this year?

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  1. Amazing ideas!!! Thank you so much! Not sure how I got here but so glad I did. I'll be visiting a lot this week and peeking through your archives.


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