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Thursday, November 25, 2010

DIY Holiday Gift Baskets

Have I ever told you how much I LOVE baskets? Well I do.Love them. A lot. And I'll use any excuse to make a gift basket! Here's some creative gift basket ideas perfect for the holidays and could be adapted for any time of the year:

Snowman Kit from Make It Do

Homemade Caramel Dip Basket from Scrapbook Ideas

Coffee Basket from Vintage Pretties

Herb Garden Basket from Life On The Balcony

Mixed Treats Basket from HGTV

Breakfast Basket from Getting Freedom

Weekend Escape Basket from Sunset

Spa Gift Basket from Sunset

Semi-Homemade Basket from A Lovely Morning

Body Basket and Free Lables from A Sanoma Garden

Grill Gear from Country Living

Sweet And Savory Basket from Country Living

Gardeners Kit from Martha Stewart

Art Kit from Outside The Toy Box

Kids Gift Hamper via Money Saving Expert

Fire Starter Kit from Daily Danny

Movie Gift Basket from Crafting In Laymon's Terms

Homemade Housewarming Baskets from Small Measure

Sewing Basket from Heartfelt Gift Ideas

Housewarming Kit from Daily Danny

Green Cleaning from Simple, Green, Frugal

Ice Cream Sundae Basket and Free Printables from Inspired

Cooler Gift Basket from Heartfelt Gift Ideas

Craft Lover Box from Squidoo

Wine or Beer gift basket from Homemade Gift Ideas

Love these ideas and would be happy to receive any one of them wouldn't you? 

Still looking for a creative basket idea? Why not try one of these:
-Picnic basket
-Christmas decorating basket
-Busy box for kids
-Cookie making basket/ baking basket
-Chocolate lovers basket
-Salad lovers basket
-Golf kit
-Fitness fanatic basket
-Pet lovers basket
-New parents basket
-Student survival kit
-Book worm basket
-Pizza lover basket
-Fondu basket
-Travel lover basket
-Geeky gamer basket
-Chocolate making basket
-Ornament making basket

Featured today? You can get your hands on a super awesome featured button HEREHave you made or received a gift basket recently? I'd love to hear about it. 


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  2. Basket ideas can run from conventional to adventurous. I am a great fan of gift hampers and surely I find your ideas and suggestions amazing.

  3. Thanks for the ideas. I didn't use any specific basket but it inspired me to make one on my own.

  4. There are some astounding thoughts for gift boxes and baskets out there!I want to be more into crafting,however,in light of the fact that I am never ready to make my presents resemble the pictures.My sister is truly into crafting,so perhaps I'll hit a deal with her and watch her kids while she wraps my presents,not long from now.I'm certain she would be totally willing to bail me out on the off chance that she has the time.
    @Elisa Reid.


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