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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The Switch Witch-What To Do With Halloween Candy

My son just turned two and as a rule in our house we only allow him candy or chocolate on special occasions and in very minimal amounts. We choose to do this because we want to make sure we are giving him healthy food but also because gluten free snack/ junk food is hard to come by and very expensive. Truth be told K doesn't really like the stuff anyway so I don't feel like I am depriving him.

Although we won't be doing any trick or treating this year, I can't help but wonder what the heck we would do with all that candy if we did. A friend recently shared with me The Switch Witch and I thought it was so brilliant that I have to share it with you.

So what's The Switch Witch? Well a child gets to eat all the candy they want up through Halloween night.  On Halloween night, before the child goes to bed, he/she lays out all their candy for the Switch Witch. The Switch Witch comes when they are asleep and takes the candy and switches it for a toy. 

Here's some details: The Switch Witch lives in Hallow Heights which is a little island in the sky by the moon. The Switch Witch loves candy and has the biggest candy stash of all the witches.  She gathers most of her candy for herself and all the witches and cats on Halloween night (witches’ cats love to eat milk chocolate because it has delicious milk in it!). A child puts a piece of candy on the door of their room or house to let her know that they want to switch. Then late on Halloween night, when all the children are sleeping, The Switch Witch visits the houses of children who choose to switch their candy for a toy.  The Switch Witch flies from building to building on her broom, with her black cat Candy Corn on the back. They fly in through the window with magic (the window does not need to be open).  She takes all the candy the child puts out and puts it into a sack that Candy Corn holds open for her in his mouth and then she ties it to the end of the broom.  She takes out a shiny black bag that is full of toys and she leaves one toy for the child to thank them for the candy.  The Switch Witch leaves just as quickly as she came. By early morning, she and Candy Corn return home to Hallow Heights where she sorts all the candy into large glass jars. That night, all the other witches come to visit and the Switch Witch shares her candy, stories of Halloween, and about the toys she brought to the children. 

Now why didn't I think of that?! Do you have any tips or suggestions for what to do with all that Halloween candy?


  1. I know some local places by me are sending it to the troops. you could google that maybe.

  2. That's a cute idea! I know an organization around here also collects the candy and pays by the pound for the troops.

  3. our candy rule that applies for all holidays is that the candy must be thrown away by the next holiday...so all Halloween candy gets thrown away on Veterans day (Nov 11th, so they can have 1 piece of candy a day until then...11 days, not too bad), all Christmas candy gets thrown away on New Years day, all Valentines candy gets thrown away on one of those president days that falls in February...St. Patrick's candy gets tossed on Aprils Fools day...and so on...
    but I also like the switch witch...

  4. I LOVE the "switch switch" idea!

  5. Congratulations, your Switch Witch made this week's Top 5 Hits. Come check it out, grab a blog button if you'd like and thanks for sharing a great idea with all of us.

  6. very creative! Our doctor told us that Halloween is a social holiday not a nutritional holiday. (I thought that was funny) but we're trying to limit the candy intake so that's a great idea. Of course, my dr. also said only soda on National Holidays or birthdays. Quite often when my son sees someone with a soda he will say, "It's my birthday today!" (Nice Try!)

  7. I really love this. I am going to feature it over at my place.

    I have 4 kids. We let them eat candy (controlled by me constantly nagging "that's enough" or "just one!") until Halloween night...or if Halloween falls on a weekend, we have been known to let them indulge the whole weekend, but Monday morning, everything gets put into a "family" bucket on top of the fridge. Certain things might be appropriate for sending in lunches, some things just get tossed (usually the stuff that is the worst for their teeth) or sent to work with Daddy for the candy dish. We can use the rest as a reward or a dessert, but there is no free-feeding. After a while, if there is anything left, I usually pitch it.


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