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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Thank You For Nursing In Public

As a mother who breastfed her son exclusively for fourteen months (and would have longer if he wouldn't have lost interest), I can't help but be an advocate for breastfeeding our babies. I also can't help but take interest in why people choose to breastfeed and why many don't. I often felt like a minority for breastfeeding my child and uncomfortable when breastfeeding in public which still angers me. 

Today I am sharing with you these awesome "Thank You For Nursing In Public" cards from Kind Over Matter that I LOVE:

Click HERE to download your own copy.

 Download your own free copy to give to women who you see breastfeeding or as a gift to an expecting mother who intends on breastfeeding her child. What a wonderful way to support and encourage other mothers who breastfeed!


  1. Jenn - love following along with you, and thanks for giving us great printables and ideas!

    I sent you an award, if you want to check it out!

  2. I breastfeed my baby girl(sora) for 12 months I loved it but she sucked the life out of them haha. But yeah I don't judge people who don't do it, but I think it's AWESOME for people who do, do it...


  3. Love it! Fortunately, where I live (Toronto) breastfeeding in public is quite common. The public libraries have a similar card stuck to their window! I remember many times having to nurse my littles on a streetcar.

  4. I'm currently breastfeeding. I BF my 1 month old at the restaurant last week, right at our table, while the mom next to us went into the toilets to do so...

    Those cards are great.
    I always smile when I see the blue icon stick at the window of a public place, too :)


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