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Saturday, August 21, 2010

Tot School: The Colour Blue

We've been working on colours for a while and at the moment I've been focusing on the colour blue. K is still throwing temper tantrums when I take out the camera because HE wants to take MY picture. That being said, I didn't get as many pictures as I would have liked to but we really did have a lot of fun learning about the colour blue. 

Here's what our week looked like:

Theme: BLUE
(K is currently 22 months and 1 week old)
Song: Rain, Rain Go Away

Felt Board: Red Fish, Red Fish

Sentence: How old are you?

Make Something Monday: We made a blue picture with paint and then glued different blue objects onto it.

Tidy Up Tuesday: K and I went on a blue search to find all of his that were blue. He really thought this activity was fun and I realized I should really expand the colour palette of the things I buy him! Hah!

K also helped fold the face clothes and put his clothes away. He loves helping!

Weird Science Wednesday: We made blue goop and attempted to play with it. I say "attempted" because my child is strange and really didn't like this activity. I was really surprised because I thought for sure he would! K was having a grumpy day and not feeling well though so I will try and introduce it again!

If you'd like to make your own goop mix 1 cup of cornstarch, 1 cup of water and blue food colouring together. That's it! Just make sure you strip your child down and do it outside as goop can make a BIG mess when little hands get a hold of it.

Tasty Thursday: I added some blue food colouring to cream cheese and let K practice spreading the cream cheese onto crackers with a spoon. He liked this activity a lot and was very patient doing it. He needed some help completing the activity but was very proud of himself.

Field Trip Friday: We've both been sick lately so have stuck close to home. We did however, go on a nice long nature walk. K loved hugging the trees and finding objects of different colours to put into our rainbow egg carton. We saw lots of bunnies, which K calls "hop" and lots and lots of birds too.

Other Fun Activities We Did This Week:
-Practice throwing blue socks into a blue basket
-Colouring with blue chalk on black construction paper.
-Busy Bag Activities
-Jumping in rain puddles

Don't forget you can link up any crafts, activities, "Tot School" lessons or great resources you've stumpled upon to teach colours in MY IDEA BOX. I'd love to see what you've come up with and it's a free library of resources for everyone to use.

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  1. What a fun week learning about blue! Love that picture of the blue cream cheese on his face :-)

  2. What a fun week!

    I love that he was spreading his cream cheese. Why haven't I let my tot try something like that? I will soon.

  3. Sounds like lots of wonderful activities going on in your house :)

  4. My oldest was very fastidious when he was younger and didn't like goop activities or finger paint, or anything that would gum up his fingers.

    Great variety of color activities!

  5. lovely ideas! karen
    sippy cup central mom

  6. Thanks for linking up to Toddler Tuesday! Looks like you found some really fun ways to work on color recognition. Would you mind either placing my Toddler Tuesday button in your post or linking back to my blog in your post? I have everyone do that so that everyone's readers see all of the lessons - thanks!

  7. I love the idea of colour theme weeks. Really clever. :) Hope you are all feeling better now.


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