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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Tips On Being A Single Parent

Today's tips come from Sorta Southern Single Mom. Although they are written for being a single parent they relate to all parents whether single or not. 

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Hi Y'all, I'm Sorta Southern Single Mom from Single Mom in the South.  I've been a single mom now for several years and I can honestly say it's gotten easier over time.  I know from talking with other single moms, that often, when a mom finds herself suddenly, or on the road to becoming single, she feels like she is the only one and I was no different.   When I moved down Below the Mason Dixon Line, I was fortunate to find a local online moms group that had a forum just for single moms.  We girls have had some time to bond and support each other and  to know that we are not, in fact, alone.

Here are some words of wisdom from all of us:
Being a single mom is nothing to be ashamed of. No matter what the circumstances that led to you single motherhood, you can be a great role model to your child(ren) showing them how to make the best of a sometimes not so perfect situation
Learn to ask for help.
  You don't have to do it alone.  In most cases, you didn't sign up for parenthood alone and you don't have to do it alone now.  Many people are willing, but you have to let them know what you need.  The worst they can say is, "No."
Accept Help when it's Offered.
  Often, single moms are hesitant to accept help because they feel like they can't return the favor.  Accept it knowing that you WILL be able to return that favor some day, if not to the person who gave you the help, then to someone else who needs it like you do now.
Take time for yourself.  DO NOT feel guilty for it. This is SO important!  Whether it is 5 minutes or a few hours, take what you need so you can rejuvenate and be a better mom to your child(ren). Your children are happier when you are happy.
Socialize! When you have a day off and the kids are away, or with grandparents or with a sitter,  just get out with other adults you enjoy spending time with. It's good for you to make that personal connection and to recharge your batteries.

Special Thanks to Jenn for letting me guest post today.  I hope all y'all will come on over and check out 
Single Mom in the South!

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Thanks Sorta Southern Single Mom!  


  1. As a single mom, I agree with everything you said here, but at the same time it's nice to hear!! Thanks for posting this.

  2. This is great! Going to pass this post on to a friend of mine. :) Thanks for the visit today. :)


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