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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Tips For Changing A Busy Baby (Or Toddlers) Diaper

Once your baby starts to roll changing his or her diaper gets a little bit difficult. But once your baby starts to crawl and then run, changing his or her diaper can be a frustrating battle for the both of you. Today I am going to share with you five tips for making diaper changes easy!

1. Set up a convenient change station:
Have everything you need handy so you can get to it quickly. Once your child gets really active it can help to change their diaper on the floor rather then on a changing table so you have more room to work with and you have more control over your child and their movements.

2. Be interactive: 
Kiss, tickle, nuzzle or blow raspberries on your child's belly. Play "Where Are Your Body Parts?" and have your child point to them and say the name of each body part. Sing songs like "Head And Shoulders Knees And Toes". Be silly and play hide the diaper and let him/ her tell you where the diaper is. Being interactive and making this time fun sets a positive mood for both of you.

3. Distract:
Hang something to look at over the change station. Offer small toys or objects that are interesting and only played with when diaper changing. These can be small stuffed animals, peek-a-blocks, a board book, small photo album, silk flowers or even bubble wrap. Make sure to change them out often so your child doesn't get bored.  Allow your child to brush his/ her teeth or hair or even rub on lotion. Let him/ her play with otherwise "illegal items" like keys, a broken mobile phone, calculator, TV remote, a small flashlight or even an empty and washed out diaper rash cream bottle. Your child will look forward to having his/her diaper changed if it is fun and interesting to them.

4. Let him or her help:
Let your child hold and hand you the wipes, diaper or diaper rash cream. They love helping and it is great practice for learning to listen and follow directions.

5. Make changes:
Try changing the area that you change your childs diaper in. Some good places are in front of the window so they can look at the birds outside, in front of the drier so they can watch the clothes go round and round or even in front of the TV. Some children just don't want to lay down to have their diaper changed so learn to change their diaper standing up or invest in pull on diapers. And don't forget to look for signs that your child is ready to be toilet trained. If he/ she isn't interested in their diapers, makes it very difficult to change diapers even after you've tried everything, tells you their diaper is full or can help you put their own diaper on are ALL signs that your child might be ready.

Do you have any tips for stopping the baby/ toddler diaper battles? I'd love to hear them!


  1. I had a memo board with pictures all over it above the changing table for my dd to look at. When she got older I would hand one to her and ask her questions about it.

    My friend put their changing table on the bathroom counter, right in front of the mirror. Whenever we used my dd was fully occupied by watching her reflection.

  2. I learned very quickly how to put a diaper on while my babe is standing up...she is a mover!

  3. Wow! I wish that I would have read this earlier this morning. I've finally had to quit using the changing table because my little 1 year old keeps wanting to flip over to sit up. I was so afraid that she was going to flip right off of it.
    I've started chaning her diaper on the floor which is nearly impossible. She immediately starts squirming and trying to turn over when I lay her down on the floor. I've tried giving her a brush to brush her hair with or to even chew on...I really don't care what she does with it as long as it distracts her...lol. She was all over the place this morning. It wore me out.

  4. Well. having a baby boy is so new to me. Little man found something this week that my little girls don't have. lol I know, it's his, so he's allowed. I just don't want him to hurt his little squirt gun!


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