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Friday, August 6, 2010

Submitted By You Saturdays: Oh No HE Didn't!

Happy Saturday everyone! I'm stoked its the weekend because my man has been working crazy long hours and it will be nice to have him home to spend some time with our son and hopefully give me a chance to catch up on housework and the like. Let me clarify that I'm excited because ,it is in fact, only early Saturday. By Sunday afternoon I'll be muttering under my breath at him to go back to work because it definitely feels like I have two little people to clean up after on most days BUT when he is home all weekend we take it to a whole new level!

Now I'm not complaining about my man. I do love him. And I do appreciate how hard he works for our family. But there are times when I just want to bitch smack some sense in him!

For example:
-When he puts dirty laundry NEXT to the hamper or nowhere near it at all.
-When he takes his shoes off at the bottom of the stairs and leaves them there so when I walk downstairs carrying child I trip over them EVERY SINGLE TIME.
-When he pretends he isn't listening when I'm talking to him. Maybe he isn't even even pretending. I do think he has a special "turn off woman" button in his head that has been passed down to our son
-Every meal I cook he douses it with condiments like soy sauce and tobasco without even trying it first.
-Pretending to sleep through our son who wakes a hundred times a night and being a jerk to me when I ask for help because HE works full time and is tired...Ummm...yup. You read that right.

These things drive me crazy but I'm learning to live with them because nagging, hoping and praying probably aren't going to change him. But recently my man did something so awful that it had me yelling "OH NO HE DIDN'T!" and flying off the handle. What could possible be worse than the above mentioned?

Well I had just whipped up a batch of sweet potato chilli. Not the best dish but not the worst dish either. I'd been really struggling trying to cook gluten free and finding things that my family likes and was pleasantly surpised that my toddler loved it. I was heading out that night to get groceries and wasn't particularly hungry when my toddler was eating. So I left to go out thinking I'd grab dinner when I got home. I came home to find he had went into the kitchen and completely destroyed my dish. He had turned an entire pot of sweet potato chilli into minestrone soup (his definition-it wasn't!) because he thought he could make it better. The worst part was that he put a soup mix into it that was contamintaed with gluten so I couldn't even eat it. OH NO HE DIDN'T!

I flew off the handle and ended up eating toast with peanut butter for dinner while sobbing. He felt so bad he apologized, ended up eating his disgusting "soup" every night for a week straight and hasn't touched anything I've made since. Lesson learned perhaps? Here's hoping.

Today's questions:
*What habits does your man have that drive you crazy?
*What has your man done lately that had you saying "Oh No HE didn't?"
*Share any tips or advice you have on "training" your man or learning to deal with the things that drive you crazy when cohabitating.

Looking forward to hearing your two cents worth. If have a question that you'd like to be featured on Submitted By You Saturdays please submit it HERE. Have a great weekend!


  1. lol. Sounds like my husband. I swear, he thinks, "Oh, that's a flavor. I'll add that next!" Drives me nuts!

  2. Leaving you an award on my blog today :)

  3. This sounds like something that Happens in almost every house with a man and woman. One thinks they are helping by making things"better" while the other one gets their feelings hurt because of what they did.
    It's hard to step back and say they were only trying to help, when we get our feelings hurt. Don't worry it only means he cares. and that's all we need to know sometimes!!


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