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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Tot School: Yellow

I almost didn't get this post up because my son hid my camera on me and when I found it the batteries were dead. And so, I'm sorry to say I really don't have any photos to offer up on what we've been doing lately. Not that it really matters that I didn't have a camera because K is still acting out whenever I try and capture a picture of him anyways. My cheeky monkey wants to be the one BEHIND the camera not in front.

But, photos or not today I am going to share with you what we've been doing lately for Tot School.

Theme: Yellow
(K is 21 months old)

Song: Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star
Felt Board: Red Fish, Red Fish

Make Something Monday: Finger painting with the colour yellow and pasting yellow pictures onto it. You can find the colours book with photos to cut and glue HERE along with lots of other great free printables.
Tasty Tuesday: We made 1 ingredient ice cream.
Weird Science Wednesday: We played sink and float in yellow water and played with foam letters in the water. We also mixed colours with an eye dropper in a muffin tin. K loves both of these activities. I plan on doing them lots during the rainy days in winter.
Tidy Up Thursday: K is loving to help hang socks onto our clothes drying rack. He also loves to sweep. This week he practiced sweeping up pom poms and then swept up the leaves outside.
Field Trip Friday: We mixed things up this week and did our field trip on Tuesday. We went to the mall and saw a Raggs The Dog concert and then had sushi for lunch with our friends. Mmmm....

Some Other Activities We Like This Week:
-building a tent and playing with a flashlight
-drawing on our megasketcher
-sorting legos by colour and building towers
-pretending to be different animals
-playing Mommy Says (A.K.A Simon Says)
-playing in the ball pit and looking for yellow balls
-Busy Bag

I'll try and take some photos this week of K doing some of these activities. Until then, I hope you get some new ideas to help in your tot schooling adventures.

If you haven't checked out the Toddler Busy Bag Resource stop on over. Anyone can link up ideas and we're nearing one hundred! Lots of inspiration and free resources to be found!

I'm linking to Tot School at 1+1+1=1

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