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Friday, July 9, 2010

Submitted By You Saturdays: Finding Time For You

Well Saturday is here again and that means its your turn to share your thoughts, ideas, tips and stories on My Delicious Ambiguity!

It's no surprise that being a parent is hard work and that most of us are completely and utterly exhausted. We spend so much time making sure our children and our significant others are taken care of but a lot of us forget to take care of ourselves as well.

I'm a classic case of the above. I may have tried my very best but sometimes the workload and stress level of being a stay at home mom is just too much. I often wish I would better mom/ partner/ housekeeper/ cook etc. I feel guilty that I'm not supermom and stressed that life isn't going or hasn't worked out the way I thought it was going to. And then the thoughts creep into my head about being single and childless and laying on a beach with a margarita in my hand and not a worry in the world. Suddenly more guilt piles up because what kind of mother wishes she were single and childless? What a horrible thing to say! Am I really a horrible mother?! F@#*!  Most days I feel like a robot running on empty until I eventually SNAP-Totally and utterly physically, mentally and emotionally drained. It is only then that I realize the last time I took a moment for myself was....well I think it may have been last month when I was suppose to take some time for myself but instead ran errands and shopped for cute things for my son. Does that count?! Hmmm... I honestly doubt it. Where was the "ME" in that?

With a burdened mind and a heavy heart I realize that in order for me to be happy and to be the best mom and partner possible,  I MUST put myself first without guilt or excuses. But is it really that simple?

Today's questions:

*How do you ensure that you take time for yourself?
*How often do you take time for yourself?
*What do you do to unwind and de-stress?
*What are your tips and/or coping strategies for making sure your stress level doesn't get out of hand?

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  1. i de-stress EVERY SINGLE DAY! i let the kids (if they are even home) know that i am going to my room. they know not to come up unless there is blood. i either nap or watch tv or read...some days all 3! i am a better mom for it.

  2. I am so grateful to the person who made Elmo. My 2 yo, who has never liked TV before, never showed any interest...is now in love with "Mo Mo" I never wanted to be a mother who let the TV be a babysitter, but 1 hour of Sesame Street in the morning really helps me get myself together. And then in the afternoon, around 4 when I'm wiped out, I put in a 30 minute Elmo video. Our local library has a bunch of them!
    And then, of course, when my husband comes home...I head for a shower. Finally!

  3. I usually go and craft my heart out...which for me is a HUGE destresser! I mean, 1/2 hour with knitting needles or some sewing just does wonders with my frayed nerves!! I also LOVE taking a bath...with a book!! Highly recommended as a destressor, (but you MUST lock the doors mammas)!!!!
    xo maureen

  4. I usually have to schedule my me time. I do really well for a while then it seems that life gets really crazy so I forget...when I start getting really crabby or stressed I know it is time to grab my girls and go scrapbooking for the weekend!

    I do blog surf while chatting with my hubby after the kids go to bed.


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