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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How To Treat And Prevent Drool Rash

If you have children of your own who have gone through teething then you are more than likely familiar with the term "drool rash". Drool rash is common when there is too much saliva from teething. Often times your childs chin and even neck can become covered in a red, raised and irritated rash. So how do you prevent and treat it? Although I am not a trained medical professional on this topic, today I am going to share with you some tips and remedies that have worked for us:

How To Treat And Prevent Drool Rash

1. Keep The Area Dry
Use bibs if your child has the "drool faucet" on and tends to drool so much that their shirt becomes soaked from saliva. Make sure to change their bib or wet clothing often. Place an absorbent towel or cloth diaper under them when they are sleeping to help catch the saliva and keep the moisture away from their skin.

2. Don't Rub The Area
It can be hard not to rub the area when you want to keep the area dry but be careful! Gently dab excess drool of the skin with lukewarm water and pat dry.

3. Apply A Barrier Cream
When the area is dry it's a good idea to apply a barrier cream. This will moisturize the area and prevent itching. Bepanthen Diaper Rash Cream, Lansinoh Nipple Cream, Paw Paw Ointment and Vaseline work great.

4. Keep Possible Skin Irritants Away From Baby's Skin
Usually when bubs get drool rash it signals that they have sensitive skin which might be irritated because of other things in their environment. To avoid making the rash worse use natural, fragrance free laundry detergent to wash everything that baby comes in contact with (even your shirt if you are breastfeeding and snuggle baby often). Run the rinse cycle twice. Stay away from wearing perfumes and make sure your partner doesn't wear aftershave. Perfumes and fragrances can aggravate the rash.

5. Be Consistent
If your child is teething a lot their drool rash will probably be difficult to get rid of. The key here is maintaining it and preventing the rash they have from getting any worse. Teething often causes diarrhea and bad nappy rashes so if you have a method that seems to clear nappy rash up quickly then most likely that method will work the best with drool rash as well. Be consistent in your treatments and seek medical advice if your childs rash becomes severe or difficult to treat.

Make sure to check out my tips for treating nappy rash and my favorite natural remedies for teething. Do you have any tips or natural remedies for drool rash? I'd love to hear what works best for your family.


  1. My 3 month old has gotten a rash all around her neck, I didn't even think of a barrier cream!!! Great idea, thanks!!!!

  2. Lansinoh is THE BEST! I use it for EVERYTHING...chapped lips, cuticles, itchy eyes (my eyes are very sensitive and itch a lot so I put it on at night), dry skin (got whacko skin ever since I was pregnant.) EVERYTHING! Love it.

    1. totally agree! btw, can drool rash be on the forehead?

  3. The drool rash is caused by the excess off acid in the drool so anything that keeps it from direct contact to skin works. Babies swallow their uber acidic spit and out comes diarrhea. Lovely. Ah, parenthood.

  4. Most babies go through rashes like drool rash, Nappy rash, underarm rash etc. As a parent, its important that you take care of these before it becomes unbearable pain for the child.


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