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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Mommy Moment Mondays #3



  1. Ahh the pacifier. Thankfully my daughter never used them..she wasn't a fan. When I worked daycare though, the only method that I found worked, as well as parents, was to just take it away. Cold turkey. It makes for a hard week...but in the end, you will be glad you did it!

    My daughter is dunking stuff like crazy too!

    I am guilty of all of the confessions that you listed too. LOL I think that EVERY mom takes their time grocery shopping...when they are without children, anyway!

    Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. I am completely the same way! Your mommyfessions and reality check are completely the way I feel! The only thing I can say about the pacifier is that it only takes 3 days for young kids to "forget" and move on. But the 3 days are HELL!

  3. I can relate to most of your Mommyfessions, and missing birthdays. A friend asked me how old I am yesterday, and I had to work it out from my year of birth because my new age hadn't really registered at my last two birthdays!

    Hope you're feeling better!

    PS I must admit that I'm much happier in my thirties than I ever was in my twenties - whilst it's a scary number (and a few of my friends had "third of life" crises when it hit), don't be afraid.

  4. These made me giggle. I'm not the only severe bathroom cleaning procrastinator out there? Whew! What a relief. lol

  5. Thanks for the comment love ladies. You made my day and I am so grateful that other women out there can relate. I will have to tackle this pacifier issue sooner than later but first I must regain some sanity from this crazy month we've just had.


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