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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Project 52: Date Nights From Simply Modern Mom

Hi, Delicious Ambiguity! I am happy to be here today to share with you a project I have been working on this year over at my blog, Simply Modern Mom. It is a site dedicated to simplifying the lives of modern moms. Come over and see some of my tutorials, projects, lists and tips to help you simplify your life.

When I was a newly wed, I made up my mind that no matter what, my husband and I will always keep this newlywed feel going throughout our marriage. I had heard children can get in the way, but I was determined to make an effort to keep my relationship burning with my husband. Then our first child came. We did pretty good continually nurturing our relationship. It was difficult, but still manageable.

Then our second child came. That was rough. Hand holding became a thing with little fingers. Kissing was for boo boos. Going out on dates was pretty much non-existent. The trouble to find and pay for a babysitter for two kids was no longer doable for us. Plus I was tired. By the end of the day, the last thing I wanted to do was to prep myself for a date. Rather, I wanted to hop into my pajamas and have a conversation with another adult on non-kid related topics.

Sound familiar? No? You must be the perfect wife I dream about. And in attempt to improve myself and our marriage, I talked to my husband about a crazy idea I had. What if we redefined dating? Who said every date had to include leaving the house and spending money? What if we committed to dating each other once a week for a year? Doesn't sound possible. However, by redefining the term 'dating', we made it possible. And very doable.
Project 52: Date Nights logo

Project 52: Date Nights is where I challenged us and everyone else to date their spouse, or significant other, once a week for a year. 52 dates. But our definition of dating has been broaden to something that can be done at home after the kids have gone to bed. The Project 52: Date Nights pledge helps you get started in this campaign to improve marriages everywhere.

Here are some examples of at-home dates you can do for Project 52: Date Nights. Have an ice cream taste testing night. Flip through each other's high school yearbooks. Go through your digital music library to make a CD or playlist of each other’s favorite songs or songs that reminds you of each other. Sketch out a blueprint of your dream house. Borrow or purchase travel books and plan your dream vacation. Write down and discuss each of your bucket lists. Have a cookie or dessert baking contest. Each person try a different recipe and see which one you like best.

Then each Tuesday we report on Simply Modern Mom to make sure we are doing this 52 times a year. It has become quite the community where we comment on each other's dates and encourage each other to keep going week after week. It is also a way for us to exchange date ideas.

So are you in? Want to participate in Project 52: Date Nights to improve your relationship with your significant other? You can start any time. Visit Simply Modern Mom to read some of the other posts from others who are participating in the project. See how much fun we are all having by doing the simple things with our spouse.

Happy dating!

Tiffany {Simply Modern Mom}


  1. Hi there, just found you from Trendy Treehouse blog hop.

    It's a lovely idea to 'date' your husband every week. We try to do that one night after our kids have gone to bed! Have a nice meal, and a little time for just us! Very important!

    I'm following you now!


  2. Found you on SITS and thrilled! Awesome blog you've created! Love it! Hope you'll come say hey!


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