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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Natural Remedies And Tips On Teething

Some babies seem to have it easy when it comes to teething and just wake up with them! My son, however has an awful time. He gets bad nappy rash, an awful drool rash, an upset stomach and he screams day and night as they are breaking through. He's 19 months old now and currently getting the last of his molars (thank god!). I don't like to give Tylenol unless he really needs it and only as a last resort. Instead, I've used a lot of natural remedies and have found some great products out there. Today I am going to share them with you:

Natural Remedies And Tips On Teething

Fingers Are Your Friend
Honestly, it really didn't matter what I gave my son when he was teething. By far, the thing he liked best to chew on was my finger. Rubbing their gums with a clean finger works wonders on soft swollen gums. 

Think Cold or Frozen
When my son was first teething I used to wet the corner of baby wash cloths and place them in a Ziploc bag in the freezer. He loved the texture and the cold!

I also kept a vast stock of teething rings in the fridge and freezer. Some of my favorites were The Raz-berry TeetherThe Baby Einstein Soothing Star Teether and Sophie The Giraffe.

Use Food To Your Advantage
Apple slices, cucumbers and carrots (before they get lots of teeth and can bite big chunks off of it) just out of the fridge are great. Banana ice cream, popsicles and fruit smoothies (eaten with a spoon-sucking out of a straw hurts!) are also fantastic. I often keep grapes and other pieces of fruit in small pieces in the freezer and give it to my son in a mesh teething bag.
Brew Some Tea For Two
A mommies secret weapon has got to be tea-it works on nappy rash, blocked tear ducts, dribble rash, and even sore gums. Rub diluted Chamomile Tea on their gums or make ice cubes with it and put them in the teething bag and let them suck on it. Oh, don't forget to enjoy some yourself too!

Invest in Wooden Chew Toys 
Wooden chew toys are not cheap and since money doesn't grow on trees here I was always hesitant to invest in them. However, for a while it looked like I had a pet beaver or a pet dog because all of my furniture was chewed on. There's something about wood and teething toddlers. So save your furniture and invest in some good wooden teethers or toys.

Remember the 3 C's: Calming, Cuddling and Change
Sometimes you really can't make the pain go away. Give lots and lots AND LOTS of cuddles and enjoy every minute of it. It won't be long until they won't stop moving long enough to give you some!

Find calming, soothing activities to do like giving your baby a massage, watching movies, or reading books together. Give them a hot bath to help them relax.

If all else fails, change the scenery or distract them with new toys and activities that you can do together.

Try Homeopathic Remedies

Some say rubbing clove oil or liquid Echinacea extract can be helpful. However, I'm hooked on rubbing a little pure vanilla extract on a teething bubs gums. Rubbing their gums feels good, the vanilla numbs it for a bit and vanilla is known for being soothing and settling upset tummies. I've also used the homeopathic teething remedies that you can get in the stores. Brauer Baby Care Teething Relief or Hylands Homeopathic Teething Tablets are both good.

Do you have some other natural teething remedies or some favorite teething products that I haven't mentioned? Leave me a comment. I'd love to hear all about them! 


  1. Love the mesh feeders for frozen fruit! I would strip Adam down and let him suck on those all the time!

  2. Thanks for all the ideas! I will definitely try the one with the wet cloth! My boy is teething at the moment ans some days it is just ... a challenge! :-)
    I also keep one of his pacifiers in the fridge. It's not a teething toy ... but sometimes he does not even want to chew on something and then it really helps!
    I can not give my boy fruit and stuff, cause even though he only has two teeth yet, he will bite chunks off! But he loves chewing on bread and this one he can chew fine so I give him that.

  3. Hey there, I love your blog, you have given me many great ideas in just the week or so since I followed you. Thanks! Just an FYI, another reason the pure vanilla extract might help to sooth your son's gums is that it's made of vodka! Lol From what I understand, all vanilla extract is, is vanilla beans that soak in the vodka for a period of time. When you use the vanilla to bake with, the alcohol cooks out, but not if you're rubbing it on his gums. hehe At least it tastes good!

  4. My DD is going through it right now. She won't really chew on the cold things though. I don't know why! I"m gonna try the chamomile!

  5. I like your blog! You have some great ideas, thanks for sharing.



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