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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Great Crafts and Recipes from The Trendy Treehouse

Hi Everyone, My name is Tara with Trendy Treehouse and I am so excited to share some "Make" projects with you today! 
I thought I would share with you all a couple of our fun craft tutorials as well as a couple of my favorite recipes. Hope you enjoy them. Now, on to the fun!

"Silhouette Wall Decor"
This is a quick and easy project that will add sweet charm to your daughters room. Of course you could always make a pretty COOL one for your sonny boy too! LOL
What you will need...
  • 1 - 12x12 piece of thin scrap wood. (you can find them at Michael's for around $4
  • One Cute child for posing
  • Can of Black Spray paint (Matte is best)
  • Some Scrap book paper. You will need one large sheet to fit the wood and a bunch more for embellishing your masterpiece. 
  • Bling - I like to use the lil diamond ones and birthstone colors.
  • Paint pens & Pencil
  • Deco Glue & E600 for the Bling
  • Scissors
  • Wall Mount for the back
How to make this...
  • Depending on your size of scrapbook paper, place your favorite large piece on the board. Trim to fit. Mine was just about perfect. I bought 12x12 paper to make it easy. Once you have it trimmed just add deco glue to the board. Place on the paper and deco glue again on top. Set aside to dry.
  • Now heres your time to get that cute kid out for posing. You may already have the photo taken too. But I think its fun to include them in the process. Just have them stand in front of  a light wall and take a profile picture of them. Pony tails work best for silhouettes on girls.
  • Print out an 8x10 black and white photo of your cuties profile. Trace around with a pencil just so you can clearly see the line you are cutting. Cut out.
  • Now you want to go to a well ventilated area with your cut out and can of spray paint. Spray the back of the picture. Not the area that had the photo. I do this because sometimes you can see the image through the black at just the right angle. Let dry.
  • Once your first piece is dry add the silhouette with deco glue on top and bottom. Set aside to dry
  • Yeah, its time to embellish.... Take some cute cut outs and start glued them on with your deco glue. Don't put a top coat on those just yet. Wait until you are done embellishing. Add things like, words, flowers, pictures of things your child loves, their age, a letter for their name.
  • Now you can do a full top coat of Deco glue to seal it all in.
  • Once your top coat is dry. Pull out those paint pens and start making dashes and dots around your embellishing. Have fun with it.
  • Add some bling - Too cute.
  • Secure on the wall hanger with E6000 and your ready to hang.

This is a favorite of mine when I want to splurge and it is so easy to make.
What you will need....
  • Chicken Salad ~ homemade or store bought. The one I get has roasted chicken, celery, red onion and mayo. There may be more, but that is what I see. LOl
  • Chopped Pecans
  • Fresh Sprouts
  • Croissant ~ Cut in half ~ you can even use a Ciabatta Roll. Those are a great choice too!
How to make it....
  • Take your Croissant and put a nice portion of Chicken salad on the bottom half. Add a bit of sprouts and a nice handful of pecans. Top it with the rest of the Croissant and you are ready for a little bit of heaven. LOL 
That's about it for this great sandwich. A simple recipe for a great thing.

The end of school is approaching quickly,
and while my children are still too young for school
I know a LOT of teachers (my mom teaches 2nd grade).
I know teachers receive lots of gifts at the end of the year.
Why not make a really special gift for around $12
that doesn't include candles, lotion, or candy.
(I know my mom loves to receive gift cards
so if that's your only option go for it).
What you need:
A shadowbox frame (I love the square ones)
A piece of card stock
A computer and printer
A box of crayons
An exacto knife
A hut glue gun (and glue of course)
A sharpie
The frame will be the most expensive part of this project.
I happened to find mine at Hobby Lobby
in the scratch and dent section for $6.20.
These frames usually cost $20 but often are 50% off.
You will be taking out what ever is in the frame,
but make sure to leave the part in that makes it a shadow box.
Make sense?
Start by getting the letter and font you want printed
large enough from your computer to be your template.
Take the letter you printed on your computer paper
and put it behind the card stock and lightly trace
the outline onto the card stock
Then just line up the crayons on the computer paper and cut them to size.
I have found that it works really well to sort of roll the knife along the crayon.
It makes a much more clean cut that way.
Rather than sawing through the crayon.
(You don't have to make your cuts on the template,
just use it as your guide)
Start by lightly erasing the pencil line on the card stock,
so you can still see it to know where the crayons go.
But you won't really be able to erase it very well
once the crayons are on the paper.

Then put a line of hot glue down where you want your crayon.
It works better to put the glue on the paper...
be careful because the crayons melt pretty easily!!
Once you have them all glued down you can write the persons name.
If the letter is smaller you could write the name on the side too.
Then put it in the frame and you're all done!

Some more Great Recipes and Tutorials of ours that you might love are....

DIY Gift Boxes

I really hope you enjoyed what Trendy Treehouse has shared. If you would like to see more, please stop by Trendy Treehouse anytime. There are many great posts to sift through and I have 6 other fun moms that post with me too! This great Crayon Tutorial was from Jamie. Isn't it fabulous.
Thank you so much Jenn for letting me in on your fun BLOG!
Have a great week and hope you all have a Fantastic Mothers Day!
~ Tara ~

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