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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Affordable Maternity Fashion from The Busy Budgeting Mama

I was so excited when Jenn asked me to be a guest blogger for Yummy Mummy Week!!
I hopped on over from my blog to chit chat with all of you lovely ladies about fashion and motherhood..on a budget! 
(This was taken a few weeks ago)
I'm currently 25 weeks pregnant with baby #2 and i'm all about attempting to look somewhat attractive while feeling ginormous. i'm still waiting on the glowing part to kick in, ;) but these fabulous budget friendly finds make me feel better as I send my hubby out to pick me up a wendy's jr. bacon cheeseburger. :) Being pregnant is an amazing and incredible experience and you can definitely feel lovely while throwing up the first 3 months. it is possible. haha. hope these style ideas help!

One of my friends sent me an e-mail the other day asking me if i had any advice or if i could point them in a good direction to find some maternity clothes on a tight budget and that were actually flattering and not horrifying-make-my-hips-look-wider-than-they-already-are-getting...my words not hers. ;) All of us pregnant girls are in the same boat...so lets commiserate and look at cute clothes together!! :) 
If you aren't pregnant already this post will make you want to get pregnant again. hehe.

Like I said, I'm pregnant with baby #2 and my husband said with the first and he keeps it up with this one how beautiful he thinks i am when i'm pregnant..great guy right?? sigh. he's the best. look how cute he is? and his amazing parenting skills?? o yes. he's all mine. 
(this is my guest post i get to brag in it! it's the rule. hehe.)

 But lets overlook the challenge of finding clothes that are stylish, comfortable AND not making you broke before the baby even arrives...and talk about the best parts of being pregnant:
1.)people open doors for you all the time (that stops once you have the baby)
2.)people let you cut the line for food..i think they think you are going to attack if you don't eat immediately.
3.) you can get lazy and waddle. come on..you know those non pregger girls want to relax and waddle sometimes.
4.)you get the pregnancy glow..sooner or later. mine is usually later. or non-existent. but i "know of" pregnant girls with the glow. ;)
5.)you can wear "work-out" pants and not work out. (maybe this just applies to me...haha)
6.)you have a weigh in at your doctor's appointment..and are told good job for gaining weight!

ok...now that us preggo girls are feeling awesome about ourselves...style time!
not everyone has the same style when it comes to maternity..but..this is what i like. i LOVE to show off my belly. especially in the cute beginning stages.

1. Maternity Fashion - Dresses
(all under $32)
Items in this set:

2. Maternity Fashion- Pants
the right pants are a must...muffin tops are bad! say no to them.
Use the blanqi bodystyler to make your pre-pregnancy pants last longer! My sister just launched this product and it's taking off! it's a must to check out.
 I swear by my AE Artist Jeans..they sit low on your hips so they work longer in the early stages of your pregnancy. i love my corduroy pants..soo soft and comfy.and they make my butt look pretty good..i gotta say. same with the black dress pants.. that was my favorite find. perfect for work.
Maternity Pants Fashion

I recently had a great giveaway with my sister's business she just launched..Blanqi. (mentioned above) if you are pregnant or know 
someone who is come stop by my site and find out how to get one of your own!!

3. Maternity Fashion- Shirts
here is where you really can play with maternity and non-maternity items! target shirts are great when it comes to stretching in the belly area..same with my AE shirts. The styles right now though are perfect for us preggo girls so you aren't confined to just maternity items!
Items in this set:

4. Maternity Fashion- Layering

Now budget wise...these items are great...but don't feel bad about splurging on some maternity items, especially if you are hoping to have another baby down the line. it's time to build up a little bit of a pregnancy wardrobe. luckily a lot of the stuff i pick out can last me before and after being pregnant. But some things are set aside in the closet as pregnancy items...postpartum items.. and then items that i wear once i nurse off the baby weight. i think every mother has this happen! 

Here are some great looks put together for you! 
(polyvore is the best site..it's like your own personal shopper..hehe.)

any great items that you just love?? do tell! happy shopping.
 and i would love for you to visit me over at my blog
leave me some love and i'll stop on by to say hey back! 


  1. Wonderful post! Styles for pregnancy has changed so much for the better! Even since I had my last one 4 years, makes me want to have another :) Just kidding, enjoy your Sunday!

  2. Great tips, fab post! I struggle with maternity clothes because sometimes they can be so big - I love showing off my belly too, so it's nice to see some creative options. ;) This will come in handy as my maternity photos are being taken this week (32 weeks prego!) and my shower is Sunday so thank youuuu!!!

    Jaime ;)


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