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Saturday, April 24, 2010

Tot School Week 2

We played with our sensory bottles. Ks favorite is the static electricity one. He giggles when it makes mommies hair stand up:

We made a Head & Shoulders Knees And Toes book together. We had lots of fun reading the book, singing along and matching the pictures to each body part:


We practiced some new songs about Mother's day from my Mother's Day Song Book:

We played in our new water table and practiced splashing, scooping and pouring water. We also played sink and float:


We practiced matching animals on our leapfrog magnet game and had fun saying all the sounds that the animals make:


We drew pictures on the windows with bath crayons:


We made binoculars out of toilet paper rolls, duct tape and string. Then we went on a nature walk everyday. We chased after the birds at the park and left bananas and apples on our fence and watched the birds come eat them. K loves the birds-especially the "kookas" (kookaburras)! He also likes helping mommy take pictures:

  Kookaburra on our fence                                        

Sulphur Crested Cockatoo also on our fence

 Galahs  at the park 

 Rainbow Lorikeet on our fence eating some apple

Chasing the birds at the park

Smelling the flowers on our pathway

Look mom what's this?

    Come here cat!    

          This feels funny....

Mom, I don't see the bunnies today. Where are they?

Quick mom! I hear kookas!

Blue tongued lizard outside our front door. Ewww..

We had a fun and busy week full of learning new things so we enjoyed a great mommy-son date out. I took K for a bike ride and then out for coffee and chit chat. K has so much to talk about these days! Here is a photo of him drinking his new favorite thing- a baby chino (steamed milk). Of course it has to be in a big cup though (same as mommy):


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  1. How old is your little guy? I made a couple sensory bottles for my little guy and he just wanted to drink them! He thought they had juice in them. I was so bummed. But he's only 21 months, and I don't think he understood. :(

  2. Loving all the activities you do with him!

  3. @ Katie: Kai is 18 months and 1 week old. We've been playing with sensory bottles since he was 10 months old and I was trying to teach him crawl. Sometimes he wants to drink them and sometimes he wants to kick hem around the living room but I'm happy he likes them!

  4. Kai is just gorgeous and you are such an awesome mommy! You guys remind me of when me and my little man stayed home together. He's 14 now, boo hoo! But he developed a love of reading and learning that's still with him today. He'll be going to public school for 9th grade next year, but I'll still have my 9 year old little girl with me. She loves science and would adore all the birds you guys get to enjoy in your yard everyday. Any kind of animal or experiment makes her day. Keep having fun! Hugs!

  5. What awesome pictures. I like the baby chino -- I will have to try that one! What wonderful birds you have around your house. Sooooo cool!

  6. We love nature, Thats awesome that you get to see so much where you live.

  7. Those sensory bottles are wonderful!

    My daughter loves to sing the kookaburra song....she would love to see the bird up close.


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