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Monday, April 12, 2010

Tot School Week 1

My son is a very curious & busy 18 month old. I've discovered that the only way to keep him happy & well behaved is to schedule our days with heaps of activities so that he is constantly learning & kept busy. I am so pleased to have found Tot School & am excited to link up for the first time this week! 

This past week we continued to work on Easter and Spring themed Montessori type activities because K loves them so much:

We practiced listening with our loud & quiet eggs. We transfered eggs into & out of the egg carton. Then we sorted by colour.

We played in the Easter Sensory Box. K loves the chickens and the grass.

We played with our egg shape puzzle.

We dressed up like bunnies and practiced hopping.  Then we practiced other animal sounds & pretended to be chickens, cows, pigs, dogs, cats & "kookas" (kookaburras)

We had an Easter egg hunt & ate our breakfast from inside the eggs (dried sultanas, cranberries, apple slices & Cheerios). When we were finished eating we played toss the egg & even kicked the eggs back & forth (because K is going to be a soccer star when he grows up apparently).

We painted with plastic eggs. K liked this activity so much!

We played with the eggs in the bath. K likes scooping them up and putting them into his bucket. Notice the tongue hanging out! He's hard at work! ;)

We sang songs & did fingerplays from my Easter song book
We tried to put stickers on the eggs I dyed but K smashed them and we had to throw them all away. So instead we made stained glass eggs, handprint lambs and paper plate ducks.

I'm starting to feel a bit better now and catching up on my huge to-do list. Next week we are going to start some new sensory activities that I've made and work on learning body parts :)
I'm linking to Tot School at 1+1+1=1


  1. What a lot of great activities! I have a curious and busy 18 month old also. Please keep posting about the activities you do --- would love some new ideas!

  2. thanks for sharing that link! It was what I was looking for!

  3. Thanks for posting this! My son just turned 18 months and I have had a hard time finding age appropriate activities for him, so this is great!

  4. I love that sensory bucket idea~!

  5. Love these ideas... thanks for visiting my blog!


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