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Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Month of Oh-Ohs, Owies & OH MY GODS!

Well it has been a crazy month around here. But who am I kidding...it's always pretty crazy around here! I've been blogging a lot less these days & I'll probably continue to blog less for the next little while. And by "less" I mean 2 or 3 times a week instead of 6 or 7! So don't be surprised if you start seeing a wee bit less of me over the coming weeks. I do have good reasons:

1. For starters, as I've been blogging my dust bunnies have been breeding & I've fallen really behind on keeping up with my household duties. My laundry room flooded 4 times in 1 day a few weeks ago which seeped into my hallway & left quite the stinky mess (Talk about bad luck!). I've realized that we've now been living in our townhouse for a year & I have yet to set up my sons room & move him into it (Yes...he's 18 months old & still sleeps in our room. Don't judge me!). In the last month we've had both mice & massive spiders in my house which is enough to make me want to pack my bags & leave Australia forever. Since I can't do that I feel obligated to clean every nook & cranny in my humble little aboad. I haven't done any MAJOR cleaning since we moved in so I suppose I should stop procrastinating & get 'er done.

2. My son is going through a crazy phase of being very naughty & testing boundaries. I find the only time he is well behaved is when he is learning, exploring & kept busy. Otherwise all hell breaks lose in this house. We're talking jumping off furniture, running into walls & scattering every toy around the house so it looks like a hurricane went through it. I'm in the process of starting TOT SCHOOL with my son. I have much organizing & planning to do, as well as creating Montessori resources for him to use. Let's hope that brings me less damaged furniture, missing toys, black eyes & swollen noses. Oh yah, & better behaviour of course!

3. I'm in the process of finding a part-time job because I don't have enough things to do already right?! Hah. The bank calls...

4. I've been feeling really awful lately & have recently went to see my doctor. As it turns out my doctor thinks I have Celiacs Disease AND Diabetes. I have a lot more doctors appointments, tests & specialists to see before I will get a proper diagnosis. But in the mean time I have a lot of research to do as I must change my eating habits, the way in which I cook & the food that I buy. I also need to exercise A LOT more & take more ME time so that I can get healthy & get my life back on track.

5. As always I've got lots of great projects coming your way. But...I haven't taken the time to finish one single project to completion. Fingers crossed my creative juices will start flowing again & they'll be blogged about soon!

Errg..just writing this makes me feel exhausted. I have a lot on my plate right now but I'm certain it will all come together in due time. Moms are superwomen afterall, right? 

I leave you with this super scary photo of the spider that was in our bedroom last week:

Remind me again why I am living in Australia & sharing my home with these things? Its a good thing S is cute & we share an amazing kid together! Otherwise I'd be on the next plane/ boat/ car/ submarine/ train/ hot air balloon home! I've been told it was either completely harmless OR one of the deadliest spiders in all of Australia. Umm..yah. No biggie.

I can, however, tell you it found itself in my toilet & sadly came to sudden death after 3 flushes (& many tears & screams later). RIP poor spider. I am sorry I had to massacre you but I couldn't take the chance of you quite possibly eating my bub for breakfast now could I? ;)



  1. Ack Jenn, that spider is HORRIFIC!! Yikes!
    Good for you for prioritizing and taking care of yourself. Definitely sounds like you've got a lot on your plate, but you can SO do it! Just take it day by day and hang in there - you rock, lady! :)

  2. Ok, that spider is TERRIFYING!! I read your post before I went to bed and I actually had spider nightmares last night!

    I'm sorry to hear about your health struggles right now. Sounds like your going to be very busy for a while ... I hope your crafting and creative projects will serve as an "outlet" for you.

    The stage your son is in sounds very much like what I've been going through with my 28 month old son. I have to keep him actively engaged and keep our day full of projects and hands-on learning/fun ... otherwise we have some really tough, cranky days! Thanks for sharing the link to Tot School!

  3. oh.my.word.

    Id be moving.

    That spider will haunt my entire day.

    I am so sorry you are having health issues. That really sucks. I hope that you get a firm diagnosis and find a treatment/management plan that works perfectly for you!

    I am stopping over to "welcome" you to SITS. It was my pleasure to "meet" you today!


  4. Girl, I give you so much credit. I can barely deal with that spider as a picture on my computer and you had to deal with it in real life. I would have grab my children and ran and never look back.

    Stopped by from SITS :)

  5. Sorry I gave everyone nightmares. I'm stil pretty petrified! Australia would be great if it weren't for all the deadly creepy crawlies!

  6. Yikes! The sight of that spider just made me jump! I hope you are able to keep them away from your house!

    My son, now two, has been in that "stage" for about 6 months. My saving grace is playdough & Tinker toys- can't recommend them enough!


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