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Monday, March 1, 2010

Peanut Butter & Apple "Sushi"

My significant other is Japanese & my son may only be 16 months old but loves Japanese food. Seriously, it's pretty funny to see him munching on sushi & nato but he loves it! On Wednesdays we go to Japanese playgroup & after we sit & have a picnic lunch with everyone. Most of the moms pack rice balls & miso soup for their child & K always looks at their food & decides he's not interested in whatever I brought for him that day. I always feel a bit awkward being the only white girl & non-Japanese speaker there packing peanut butter & jam for lunch but that's all changed now. I made peanut butter & apple sushi last week & it was a huge hit. K loved it, ate it all & it was the talk of all the moms eating lunch with us!

Peanut Butter & Apple "Sushi"
(Taken from World of Whimm)

-1 slice of brown bread
-1 apple, sliced
-Crunchy peanut butter

-Cut the crust off your slice of bread
-Using a rolling pin flatten the bread
-Spread peanut butter over the entire slice of bread making sure to get all of the edges
-Put your apple slices in a line on the long side of the bread 
(just like you would to make a sushi roll)
-From the bottom edge, tightly roll the bread around the apple pieces (rolling away from yourself)
-Press the edge tightly against the roll to seal
-Cut your roll into 3/4 inch slices.


1 comment:

  1. This is DA BOMB! I am totally trying this (and I'm going to tweet it out because it's just THAT awesome)!


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