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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

DIY: Bubble Recipe

My son & I have spent a lot of time in our backyard blowing bubbles. When he was younger he used to love running around trying to catch them:

He still loves to chase them but these days he is enjoying practicing blowing bubbles at me: 

We've been blowing so many bubbles that we ran out of bubble mixture. I keep forgetting to pick some more up when I am out so I opted to make my own. I'm not sure where this recipe originated from but I have used it over the years with summer camps in Canada, with my students in South Korea & Thailand, & now with my son in Australia. 

Home Made Bubble Recipe

-3 Parts dishwashing liquid 
(In Australia Morning fresh works best. 
In America/ Canada Dawn or Joy work best)
-7 parts hot water
(Hard water can affect your bubbles so use 
distilled water if you have that problem)
-1 part Glycerol 
(Can be substituted with sugar)

-Mix all of the ingredients thoroughly.
-Store in an air tight container

These bubbles work great when it is humid out which is good for us because Sydney is often very humid. The glycerin helps make strong bubbles so if you wanted to you could make big bubble wands out of string & wire clothes hanger & then blow giant bubbles!

Why not blow some bubbles for Saint Patricks day & see if you can spot some rainbows?
Happy bubble blowing! :) 

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