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Monday, March 8, 2010

All in a days work

It always seems as though there is never enough time in the day to get everything in my house done that needs to be. Sound familiar? Not to fret. Here is my easy peezy tutorial on "How to clean your house":

1. Leave the vacuum in the middle of the living room
& teach your toddler how to turn it on:

2. Leave the bathroom door open so your toddler
will eagerly run to the bathroom & giggle hysterically
as he "cleans" the toilet bowl:

3. Get the mop & proceed to clean up the toilet bowl water
from your bathroom floor. Sit down to enjoy your luke warm coffee
& watch as your toddler runs to the kitchen to mop it:

4.  Put the mop away & realize that the garbage needs to be taken out.
Not to worry, give the bag to your toddler. He loves to take out the trash:

5. Reward with coffee:


  1. Cute! My son loves to "help" too. I'm hoping the love of cleaning lasts until an age where he can do it effectively, but I'm not sure that's realistic.

  2. HA! I enjoyed your adorable story, especially when he gets into your coffee. Very cute :)


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