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Friday, February 12, 2010

You've Gotta Train Them While They're Young

I've been offline lately because I'm having a lot of pain in my right hand and arm these days. I'm not sure if it's acting up again from when I was pregnant and had trouble or if its something else. Either way my right hand looks like a claw, feels like dead weight and has been useless to me for most things lately. I also have a huge bruise on the top of my right hand and have no idea where it has come from. I honestly woke up with it the other day and have been wearing a carpal tunnel wristguard ever since. I should probably haul ass to a doctor about it. But then she'd have to take a full afternoon off as I list off all of the other ailments I have, but haven't gone to the doctor for yet! It just seems like there's never the time or the money to get them taken care of. It must be the whole "selfless mother" thing because I rush to the doctor if  K has the slightest bit of a problem but here I am with a bad back, screwed up knee, claw hand, bad dry patches all over my skin and I'm pretty much blind as a bat! All since having my son. I tell yah, he really messed me up. But it was definitely worth it!

Aside from the claw it's been a good week over here. I've been cleaning a lot and am almost caught up on all of my laundry and housework.  My son has been spending most of his time "helping" me do the housework which has been super cute. He has tons of toys to play with but spends hours playing with the vacuum instead. He loves it so much that the other day at playgroup he found a Playschool vacuum and spent nearly 2 hours vacuuming the raisins and Cheerios off the floor that the other toddlers kept dropping. It's so cute to watch him move toys and furniture out of the way just like I do. I'm glad he likes to help me and we have lots of fun "folding" the laundry etc. But I am a bit worried that I clean to much or am turning my son into a clean freak. The other day I caught him in the bathroom with the toilet brush scrubbing the toilet! Not even kidding. Now if only I can teach S to do it!

S is convinced I'm turning our son gay. Possibly because I let him wear my headband sometimes and tell him its "pretty". But most likely because we saw a little Korean boy frolicking at the park last weekend wearing a puffy sleeved pink tutu and S has been having nightmares ever since. I think that putting on a headband and helping mommy do housework is normal for most toddlers, girl or boy, and a far cry from wearing a tutu! And honestly I really don't care if K wants to wear a pink tutu and frollick in the park. I have fond memories of my little brothers playing dress up in skirts, heels and my moms old purses. And hey, they both turned out okay!

I like to think I'm preparing K to be a good husband someday as every woman knows you have to train them young! And should my headbands and housework have anything to do with making my son gay then so be it. I'll have a hell of a good shopping partner one day!

I have tons of recipes, a few house organization posts & a Valentines gift with free printables that I have been working on. Please bear with me as I'll probably do a day of a massive amount of posts once my hand is working. Until then I leave you with this picture of my son vacuuming:

Happy cleaning! 

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