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Monday, February 15, 2010

Winter Olympics Themed Activities for Toddlers

I may currently be surviving summer in the land down unda' but I am a Canadian at heart. I miss snow, scarves & mittens. I dream of the day I can play in the snow with my son for the first time. I wish I could watch him wobble his way through his first steps in the snow while wearing a ridiculous amount of winter clothing. I'm also pretty sure I won't mind running into the house so he can use the potty right after I just finished dressing him in his winter clothing. Really!

While the Olympics are on (the next 2 weeks) I intend on teaching K all about our homeland & the winter Olympics. Here's some of the activities we are going to do:

Indoor bobsledding
-Put your kids in a laundry basket & run up & down the hallway pushing them. They will love it so be prepared to do it again
 & again & AGAIN!

-Lay your child down on a towel and carefully pull them from
 point A to point B

Snowball throwing competiiton
-If you don't have snowballs use rolled up socks

Pretend to ice skate/ snowboard/ ski
-Wood or tile floors work best

Mitten Match
-Collect different pairs of mittens. Mix them up &
 place them in a pile. Take turns finding the
 matching pair.

Hide the Mitten
-Hide the mitten in a room somewhere & 
see who can find it first. You can play "hot" (near the mitten) 
& "cold" (far away from the mitten)

Olympic Ring Games
-Have children jump in & out of hula hoops and time them
-Have children toss beanbags into the hoop

Obstacle Course
-Set up an obstacle course in your backyard or living room 
& let children play on it

Frog jump
Which frog jumps the farthest? Pretend to be a frog and jump
 with both  feet at the same time to the front. 
Measure and mark the spot.

Place a large sheet on the floor. Taking turns, each child makes 
movements on the sheet. Balancing on one leg and making
 different  movements with their arm.

Bear races
Children pretend to be bears and make a race running on all
 fours  to the finish line.

If you have any other suggestions or other ideas I would love to hear them. Just leave a comment under this post. Cheers!

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