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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Toddler (& boy) Friendly Valentine Crafts

We've been getting our craft on at my house this week to prepare for Valentines day. Here are some great crafts from toddlers as young as 15 months can help you do that are also boy friendly:

Heart Monster

What you need:
-pink, red, white and purple construction paper
-glue stick
-markers or crayons

What to do:
-Cut out various sized heart from the construction paper. You will need 1 large heart for the head and various other sized hearts for body parts (eyes, nose, ears, tongue, hands, feet, mouth, horns)
-Cut several strips of each color paper for the arms and legs. If you have an older toddler you can draw lines on the paper and help them to cut in a straight line across a sheet of paper.
-Fold the long strips of paper back and forth to create accordion limbs. If you have an older toddler show them how to do this on their own.
-Glue all of the small hearts onto the large heart to create a face. Then glue the accordion paper onto the large heart to make limbs. This is a good opportunity to talk about body parts.
-If desired color your monster or decorate with stickers.

Heart Finger Puppets

These are perfect puppets to use for the songs & fingerplays in my Valentine book.
Get your own FREE printable copy here

What you will need:
-Construction or cardstock paper
-printed heart template found here
-hole punch
-markers or crayons
-googly eyes

What to do:
-Print the heart template onto red, pink or purple cardstock or construction paper.
-Cut out a heart with scissors.
-Using a hole punch make two holes for your childs fingers at the bottom of the heart. Use scissors to enlarge the holes so that your childs fingers will fit snuggly through the holes.
-Decorate the heart with markers or crayons and add facial features.
-Glue on googly eyes.

Note: You could write a message on the back of the puppet and give it for a Valentine. One idea would be to write "You make my heart dance".

Tissue Paper Hearts

What you will need:
-Red, white or pink construction paper
-White glue or glue stick
-Squares of tissue paper

What you do:
-Cut or rip the tissue paper into small squares.
-Draw a large heart shape on your piece of construction paper.
-Cut it out if you want.
-Using your glue stick cover the heart with glue
-Stick pieces of tissue paper on your heart.
-Continue until your heart is completely decorated.

*Note: If you want to have the hearts "see through" to put on your windows use wax paper instead of construction paper.

Picture Valentines

(Still working on getting K to sit still long enough to get a photo! Will post soon)

What you need:
-Digital camera
-Paper or poster board
-Markers, stickers, and/or crayons

What you do:
-Print out or write "Happy Valentine’s Day", "Be My Valentine", "I love you", "Huge and kisses" etc. on the paper or poster board
-Have your child decorate the Valentine poster with his name, stickers, and crayons
-Have your toddler sit and hold the sign while you take a picture
-Print out the pictures to send or email or post digital photos to your blog!

Handprint Heart and Valentine Poem Gift

What you need:
-Printed poem found here
-A recent photo of your child
-Plain paper
-Contrasting color of paint
-glue stick
-A paint brush
-Shallow dish (paper plates work well)
-Your child’s hands
-A wet cloth to clean off hands

What you do:
-Print out the handprint poem onto white paper.
-Place the paint in a thin layer onto a dish.
-Dip both of your childs hands in the paint or using a paintbrush paint your childs hands one at a time.
-Place one hand and then the next on the piece of paper, overlapping to make a heart. If this is too difficult, put handprints on a separate sheet of paper. Then cut out and glue them in a heart shape later.
-Glue a photo of your child on the paper.
-Decorate as desired

Craft away! :)


  1. These are all adorable!

    Thanks for linking up.


  2. Thanks for checking them out, Kim. I'm glad you like them!

  3. These are cute ideas! I am going to share the link to them on my blog.


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