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Monday, February 15, 2010

Olympic Themed Crafts for Toddlers

In honour of the Winter Olympics in Vancouver at the moment, I thought I would share some great crafts & activities to do with toddlers (& preschoolers).  I lucked out on this blog post because I have a huge file on my computer of Olympic lesson plans from when I worked in Thailand. We had a 1 month summer camp that was Olympic themed & it was a huge success. Here are some crafts that I did with my preschoolers & hope to try out with my toddler:
Olympic Torch

What you need:
-Empty paper towel roll
-Red & orange tissue paper
-Tape or glue

What to do:
-Decorate the paper towel roll with crayons
-Layer the tissue paper, "scrunch" it & glue it to the inside of the roll

Olympic Medal 

What you need:
-Yellow/gold tissue paper
-Glitter or glitter glue
-White glue
-Circle template (a glass or cup works perfectly)
-Small piece of card board (a cereal box will do)
-Hole punch
-Ribbon or yarn

What to do:
-Trace and cut a circle from the cardboard
-Punch a hole in the top of the circle
-Allow your child to spread glue and place small pieces of
 tissue paper on the circle
-Decorate the “gold” medal with glitter or glitter glue
-Allow to dry and string ribbon through the hole

Olympic Rings

(Sorry I forgot to take a photo of this one!)

What you need:
-Olympic Ring Printable from Preschool Learning & Crafts
-Tissue paper

What to do:
-Print out the Olympic Ring Printable onto white paper
-Read and explain the directions on the printable to your toddler/ preschooler
-Allow child to color the picture
-Use scissors to cut small squares of red, yellow, black, 
green & blue tissue  paper
-Help your toddler glue the appropriate color of tissue paper on each ring

OPTIONAL: Use small squares of tissue paper and glue the appropriate 
colors on the rings

 Paper Plate Olympic Rings

What you need:
-5 small paper plates
-Paint (blue, yellow, black, green & red)
-Paint brush

What to do:
-Carefully cut out the centre of all 5 paper plates
-Help your toddler to paint each plate in a different color
-When the paint is dry lay the rings out in the Olympic design & colour.

Ski Jump Art

What you’ll need:
-Template from Kaboose 
-White glue

What to do:
-Print the template
-Color the picture with crayons
-Use white glue to glue the cotton balls onto the picture to 
make snow & clouds

Olympic Flag

What you need:
-Printed Template from Krafty Kid
-Straw or chopstick

What to do:
-Print out the flag template from Krafty Kid
-Color the circles in this order: blue, yellow, black, green, red
-Cut out the flag
-Use tape to attach the paper to the straw/ chopstick to make a flag

Of course if your feeling lazy or just too busy why not 
print off some Coloring Pages from Print Activities.

Go Canada! :) -Jenn

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