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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A New Dinner Time Game

My son is nearly 17 months old so we have been working on learning about body parts. He's a very clever boy & sometimes a cheeky monkey. Last night at dinner he started putting his taco all over his face. Dinner went something like this:

Me: K, why are you putting you food on your head?
(K moves food to his ear).
Me: Does food go in your ear?
(K shakes head "no" & moves food to his eye).
Me: Oh! Oh! Does dinner go in your eye? That won't feel very nice.
(K smiles & moves food to his nose).
Me: Hmmmm...I don't think you can eat your dinner through your nose.
(K giggles).
Me: Where does your food go anyway?
(K quickly puts his taco in his mouth).
Me: Good boy. Food goes in our mouth!
(K lets out a big "Mmmmmm" & flashes the biggest cheeky monkey grin possible. 
Then proceeds to put another piece of taco on his head).

 Now repeat this exact conversation for about 45 minutes until he was finished eating!

I have to tell you I was feeling very annoyed at this new game of his. I've learned not to fight with him when he's eating because it just ends in him continuting to do the same thing defiantly, throwing his food everywhere & not finishing dinner. And of course the next meal he will do the same thing which I am sure is just to push my buttons. Rather that ignoring him I decided to along with it. This time dinner ended in smiles, K finished all of his dinner & we got to learn about body parts in the process. 

I do belive a good bubble bath is in order now though!

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