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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I seriously need a do-over.

Do you ever have one of those days when from the moment you wake up nothing seems to go your way? Well that's the kind of day I'm having. Actually, it started out last night with an inability to sleep. Probably because I'm so exhausted from a rough week with a sick toddler & no help. Because of course, when the going gets tough daddy is conveniently never around. Sound familiar?

Anyways, as I was saying I couldn't sleep last night. It was really humid & I couldn't get comfortable. S was hogging the bed & snoring loudly so I tried to sleep in the other room (which is suppose to be K's room but has turned into S's dumping ground for all his crap). I couldn't sleep because there was no fan & I was too hot so I moved to the living room. But that didn't work either because the glare from the outdoor lights was making these creepy shadows & freaking me out. So at about 3 am I moved back the the bedroom & laid there unable to sleep until S got up at around 5. Then I must have passed out from pure & utter exhaustion & slept like a baby until 8am. Thank you K for actually sleeping in today!

I went downstairs for breakfast & when I opened the fridge a glass bottle of Worcestershire sauce fell out onto the floor, shattering everywhere & leaving my kitchen & I covered in it. Good times. I served K peanut butter & jam toast for the 3rd day in a row because I couldn't be bothered to make something better for breakfast after cleaning the mess up. He loved it but covered himself in it top to bottom. What a sticky mess!

So we had a quick shower & then I attempted to get dressed. I didn't feel comfortable in anything because as far as I was concerned I was having a fat day & an awful hair day. Double whammie! Not the kind of day you want to go out in public but I got dressed anyways.

I let K watch some cartoons while I tried to post a witty list I have been working on all week. It was all about why I miss Canada & poking fun of aussies. I was at the top of my game & really got into it. I shot for 50 reasons but had come up with 100. I should have posted it last night when I finished. But I didn't & today it was nothing but gibberish of which I could not fix. Fantastic, clever, witty, humorous, blood, sweat & tears blog post gone. F***! Note to self: Always back up your work! I felt like throwing my lap top through the window but instead I decided to distract myself & make some lunch.

Why not wreck lunch while I'm at it though, right? I burnt the only 2 eggs that we had left to the frying pan because I got distracted & didn't spray the pan with non-stick spray first. Then I dropped a glass on the floor. AND realized I hadn't closed the milk properly & it had leaked everywhere. Good times.

After lunch I changed again because the one outfit I felt comfortable in today was now covered in our lunch. So I changed myself & K, quickly packed a bag to go to playgroup & headed out the door. I should have stayed home & I think deep down I knew this but I felt like I needed a break from myself!

I had troubles getting K in the carseat because S parked right in front of a huge bush. Then once I started driving I got onto the wrong highway & drove 30 minutes before I was able to turn around. Thank you Sydney for your stupid 1 way streets! Got back onto the right highway but got lost again because I missed my turn only to realize the petrol light was flashing. S hadn't bothered to fill the car up & now I wasn't only on empty I was going to be in big trouble if I didn't fill up soon. So forget going to playgroup. I had to turn the aircon off, roll down the windows & hope K didn't boil in the back seat. Turned the car off while waiting at the longest light ever until I could get back on my road to the only gas station I knew in my area. Turned onto the road of the gas station but missed the only entrance/ exit & had to take a one way street all the way through the uni & back around. At this point I'm holding back the tears out of frustration. I had been driving for an hour, was terrified I was going to be stranded with my kid in 30 degree heat & didn't know what else could possibly go wrong. I made it back to the gas station but when I got there I realized I didn't know how to get the gas tank open. And K is screaming. And S won't answer his phone. Eventually, I figured it out & out $20 in because I didn't have time to search for the coupon to fill it for the cheaper price. After I paid for the petrol I couldn't get K back in his seat & he threw a huge temper tantrum in the parking lot obviously hot, hungry & out of patience.

I somehow buckled him in although it broke us both into a full on wrestling match soaked in sweat & I'm pretty sure the people at the gas station though I was beating him. I didn't want to take any more chances to screw the day up & honestly I just needed to have a good cry so I drove home. To hell with playgroup today. To hell with just about everything!

It's only 3pm & its been the crappiest day ever. And now I'm stuck at  home while K struggles to sleep & I try to remedy this awful migraine caused by the days events & the awful maintenance guys & their very loud, annoying & useless leafblower. I mean honestly, whats the point in blowing the leaves around if your not going to pick them up? And why do they always come around whenever K is trying to sleep?

I think tonight will involve a long bubble bath, a bottle of red wine & a chick flick. Hopefully I'll feel refreshed & ready to start over tomorrow. Sometimes I wish our lives had a restart or do-over button.

How about you? Have you had one of those days recently? Please share or link up to your blog post. These kind of days don't seem so hopeless when we know we're not alone :)


  1. Hon, what a crappy day! I'm so sorry...you are most certainly not alone, we've all had 'em! The wine, bubble bath and R&R sound just what you need.

    A few years ago, a lack of sleep and too many commitments led to utter exhaustion. For the first time ever, this particular day, the kids slept in and so did husband and I, thankfully, gratefully. We awoke very suddenly, at exactly the same time, realising that there was no way the kids would sleep in this long and that it was awfully quiet. We jumped out of bed and ran into their rooms; no kids. We ran downstairs...no kids. WT...? Then we heard the smallest of noises coming from the kitchen floor; we'd failed to see them over the breakfast bar because they were all on the floor, making a beach on the lead tiled floor. The 'beach' was made of Weetabix, Cornflakes and milk....Weetabix hardens like glue. It was EVERYWHERE. Oh. My. Gawd. I just cried. It took days to clean up properly; we kept finding bits of it, even though we thought we'd cleaned thoroughly.

    So, I feel your pain but thank the stars, the kids get older and 'beaches' are no longer your worry. :O) xxx

  2. We all have those days! It's best to do what you're doing--just put it out there and let it go. Maybe even laugh about it.

    I did post recently about something similar. I tried to juggle too many things all at once (trying to avoid a situation like you describe above) but overlooked one very important simple detail: http://www.jillofark.com/2010/01/when-opportunity-knocks.html

  3. Sorry you've had such a lousy day! glad at I could at least give you a laugh. Thanks for visiting my blog on my SITS day! Hope you'll come back again.


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