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Monday, February 8, 2010

Chinese New Year Crafts for your Toddler

I apologize that this post took a lot longer to get up than I thought.  We had a productive weekend here, toddler-proofing, organizing and cleaning our house. Alas, it is Monday and I finally had a minute to finish compiling the crafts for Chinese New Year. The following crafts have all been tried out personally with toddlers and preschoolers back in my teaching days. I love the free printables offered on these websites:

Dragon Puppets

What you need:
-Get the printable template from Teaching Tiny Tots
-crayons or washable markers
-glue stick
-colored tissue paper in 1 inch strips
-paper bag

What to do:
-Print out the template
-Color the bag and the dragons face
-Cut out template & glue it onto the paper bag
-Glue strips of tissue paper under the head to form streamers

Panda shape craft

What you need:
-Printed template from First School

What to do:
-Print template and color the picture.
-Cut the shapes out. If your toddler can use scissors assist when needed in doing this task.
-Using glue, assemble to make a panda face.

Peach Tree Blossoms
(Idea also from Tiny Tots)

What you need:
-thick white paper
-back tempura paint
-pink tissue paper
-white glue

What to do:
-Put a few drops of black paint onto the lower portion of the paper
-Blow gently using the straw
-Let paint dry
-Cut 1.5 inch squares of pink tissue paper.
- Using the back of a pencil or a finger, fold the tissue paper around, dip the bottom in glue
and then attach to the paper to make flowers on the branches

Rice Painting

(Sorry no picture yet)

What you need:
-paint brushes
-paper plate

What to do:
-Place the paint on the paper plate. Allow your child to paint his/ her piece of paper using a paint brush.
-When they are finished immediately sprinkle rice on the wet paint.
-When the paint is dry tap off the excess rice.

Note: Keep the excess rice to use later to make sand art. To do this all you need to do is help your child make a pattern with glue, then sprinkle the painted rice on it.

Paper Lantern Craft

What you need:
-Printed lantern template (dragon or tiger) available from First school
-Glue, tape or stapler

What to do:
-Color or decorate your piece of paper.
-Fold the piece of paper in half  along the dotted line (...).
-Fold along the dotted lines backwards in the top and lower border.
-Carefully cut along the slashed lines (---) from center fold and stop cutting at the border fold.
-Open the lantern template flat.
-Apply glue over the designated area"Glue here" and bring the opposite side and paste over the area with glue.
-Adjust the cut folds of the lantern to go outward.
-Glue, staple or tape the lantern's handle.

Time to get your craft on! Chinese New Years is only a few days away!

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