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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Cheap movie tickets

Prices to see a movie in Sydney are absolutely outrageous. Mom and I went to see "The Time Travelers Wife" (My all time favorite book and as it turns out movie) back in November. For 2 tickets, 1 large soda and 1 large popcorn it cost us about $40 AUD. I love going to the movies but who can afford to dish $40 out for a 2 hour movie? Well, I certainly cannot.

My friend SH was kind enough to send this current deal along and I thought I'd spread the love and pass it on to you. Get movie tickets from Event Cinemas for $7.50 if you purchase them online before February 5th, 2010. Tickets are good for any movie at any time before March 25th. Check it out:

Hope you get a chance to stock up, leave the kids at home and enjoy a movie date night (or 2 or 3!) with your significant other! 

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