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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Some peoples kids

Been having a rough week over here, hence the reason I've only been posting half as many blogs as usual. My little man & I are sick with a cold, it's been raining and we've mostly been locked away from the outside world as to not pass our boogies onto other unsuspecting folk.  

I somehow managed to talk S into giving me the car twice a week from now on. This is HUGE news considering I've lived here nearly a year, he always takes the car to work and I have been too afraid to drive up until now. Lucky for K and I, we survived both outings driving on the wrong left-hand side of the road. I may or may not have hit a few curbs and left a scratch or 2 on the side of the car. Any evidence of that has yet to be discovered.

K has been giving me lots of snuggles which I love, but I am having a really hard time catching up on all of the housework with a toddler attached to me like a 5th limb. A lot of frustrating things have been happening lately. Like the laundry room flooding and every single thing I have tried to cook or bake has come out burnt and tasting awful. Plus, as I've been blogging & snuggling my dust bunnies have been breeding and there is literally S$*T everywhere! 

K may be sick but he has been in good spirits and that hasn't stopped him from climbing out of his crib, climbing on tables and on any other piece of furniture he can get his hands on. He has lots of toys but is only interested in the things that he shouldn't be touching-like my now cracked Macbook for example. Anyways, every time I go looking for something it has magically disappeared or is destroyed. I'm surprised he isn't repeating "No" or shall I say, yelling it back at me. He does do a cute little headshake and put his hands out to show me that he understands. Then he gives me that cheeky monkey smirk and all hell breaks loose. 

Now before you lecture me on bad parenting let me tell you that I am aware I really shouldn't be yelling "No!" at him.  I am a trained early childhood provider and I have spent years using positive reinforcement on every other person’s child. But who are we kidding? It doesn't work nor is it worth it when you can't give the kid back to his parents at the end of the day. After a while trying to re-word everything a thousand times over in a positive and "happy" tone just doesn't have the same ring to it as, "Get off the f'ing table", or "If you don't stop doing that I am going to lock you in the cupboard!” Ok, I don't really swear at my kid or lock him in any cupboards. But I think about it.... often. And any stay- at-home-mother who states that they never yell at their kids or think about locking them in a cupboard is without a doubt lying! 

So yes, this weekend we are going on a treasure hunt of the masses to find all of our missing crap while cleaning every nook and cranny of this dump in hopes that order will be restored. Then we are going to hide everything in toddler-proof places and pray that we remember the special places we leave it in. And hopefully when we are finished all of that we will bury the weeks insanity with a nice glass of red wine in one hand and chocolate in the other (of course while reading up on those childcare books you are all going to tell me I should probably read again just to "refresh” my memory on what NOT to do with my kid).

I leave you with this photo of the day:

I swear I didn't stage this photo, nor did I purposely put him in the cupboard. I went to the bathroom for 2 minutes and left my son in the gated living room. I came back 2 minutes later only to find the gate broken open and my son in the kitchen, fully in the cupboard playing silently. Yes, you heard me.... silently...and very happy, I might add. At least I didn't take a photo of him chewing on my tampons right? Because that was the other option. Mmmm....tampons. Some peoples kids ;) 

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  1. Oh, my can I relate to being an early childhood educator and then finding that nothing that you learned in school and which by the way seemed to work while working with other peoples children, works with my children at all. It is always good to find a twin soul out there. Hang in there.

  2. lol, I loved this post! I am a sahm as well and I can totally relate. This post made my day! Hang in there, soon you will be wising that they were little again as they grow so fast.


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