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Friday, January 22, 2010

One Ingredient Ice Cream

Summers in Australia are A-W-F-U-L. Unless you are an unemployed, bikini clad skinny bitch that is single and can spend every single hot day at the beach sunbathing it really isn't all that is cracked out to be.  (My apologies to all single bikini clad unemployed skinny bitches currently sunbathing on Australian beaches that might be offended by that comment but YOU suck). Anyways, as I was saying, summers are hard because it is too hot for most of the afternoon or even all day sometimes to take K outside and play.  I struggle to keep him entertained and burn his energy off.  The hardest part about summer in Oz is that the heat makes my little man not want to eat anything. Today was 40 degrees Celsius and the rest of this weekend is going to be even hotter! Urrrghhh! However, I am so happy to have come across this recipe that is floating around the Internet at the moment.... One Ingredient Ice Cream!

It is fat free, dairy free and has no added sugar. It is incredibly easy to make and toddler approved! I am not sure where this recipe originated from but whoever figured this out is an absolute genius and I thank you! So any ideas on what the secret ingredient is? It's frozen bananas (I know, clever isn't it?!)

One Ingredient Ice Cream

-Frozen bananas (as much as you will need)

-Add the chunks of frozen bananas into the blender bit-by-bit
-Keep the blender running for about 3-4 minutes or until they turn into an ice cream like texture.

Although it is delicious as is, you can also add honey, chocolate syrup, peanut butter, Maple syrup or any other frozen fruit you fancy. Personally, my favorite is with Nutella.

Did you know that bananas are apparently helpful in fighting PMS, depression, anemia, high blood pressure, constipation, hangovers, heartburn and morning sickness? Yet another reason to stock up on One Ingredient Ice Cream! :)

So there you have it. The best home made ice cream you have ever eaten and it is guilt free. You can eat as much of this ice cream as you want without worrying if another bowl is going to add to those wobbly bits you’ve been meaning to do something about. So go ahead. Make a batch up and indulge. Just make sure you’ve got some extra bananas in the freezer because as soon as your toddler tries it you will be lucky to get a bite of your own! 



  1. That's AWESOME!
    Don't the bananas go brown in the freezer?

  2. They do go brown on the outsides. But surprisingly when you blend them up they look just like the photo I posted. Let me know if you make this and what you thought! :)


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