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Thursday, January 21, 2010

My favorite FREE printable recipe cards

I, like most of you love looking for new recipes. Sometimes I rip them out of magazines and throw them in a pile never to be filed and/ or seen again. Sometimes I search online for recipes, but most days this doesn't occur until my son goes down for his afternoon nap and I am scrambling to come up with something edible for dinner. Because I don't have a printer I jot these recipes down on random pieces of paper.

The boys in my house are picky eaters and most days they don't care for what I cook. However, sometimes they really like it. They like it so much that the following week they ask me to make it for them again. So I go searching for that piece of paper with the recipe on it and, you guessed it, it is no where to be found. Perhaps it is in the ever growing pile of stuff that needs to be filed away. Perhaps it got thrown in the garbage on one of my many attempts to de-clutter my living/ dining room. Either way it is gone forever and I am back at square 1, trying to find a new recipe that I can pass off as the old one....sigh.

To make life a bit easier I have compiled a list of some of the most clever and beautiful recipe cards I could find on the web. Did I mention they are all FREE? I have absolutely no excuse not to print some of these bad boys off, have them handy when I am scrambling for something tasty for dinner and keep my living/ dining room a bit more organized.  My goal is to compile my favorite recipes as I try them out and share them with you :) So without further adu, here they are:

Brown paper bag recipe cards from Crafting a green world

Orange recipe cards from Up Up Creative

Utencil recipe cards from Celebrate it

Floral recipe cards from 733 blog

Elegant recipe cards from On A Limb Paper
Embellished recipe cards from Erin Vale Design

Vegan Fleur recipe cards from Messy Vegetarian cook

Cookie recipes cards from Creature Comforts

Recipe page template by Domestifluff

Triangle recipe cards from The Small Object

Bakery inspired recipe cards from Tricia Rennea

Lollychops fuji flair recipe cards via La Fuji Mama here

Cupcake recipe cards from Purple Lemon Designs

So there you have it. 13 wickedly cool, awesome and you-are-welcome-for-sharing FREE recipe cards. Better stock up the ink in your printers. You are going to need it! :)


  1. I'm glad you like them and thanks for the link!


  2. Thanks so much for linking to my cupcake recipe cards! Very cute blog.

  3. Thanks for linking to my recipe cards! I'll be adding your blog to my reading list!!

  4. Your welcome for linking your cards, ladies. They are all wonderful and I will use them lots this year. I had to share :)

  5. Yay! Thanks for sharing these! We will add a few more to our list with a link back to your blog! :) Thanks! -Shelley {HowDoesShe.com}

  6. I'm all over the brown paper bag ones. Can't wait to see if they're actually printed on repurposed bags! Thanks for another fab feature!

  7. love all these ideas and the recipes sound great, too. thanks for sharing

  8. A good recipe box is not complete without the right decorative recipe cards. It completes the full look and experience of cooking and the kitchen.

  9. Awesome! I need to make a card set of this recipe cards form my SIL, she is a fantastic cook, then she can send them to me!


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