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Saturday, January 16, 2010

I love him indefinitely

What a week!  I'm happy to report that my son K has successfully gotten 1 incisor tooth and 2 molars this week. However, from the drool trail he is leaving behind it looks as though the end to this madness is no where in sight. This of course would explain why he has been out of sorts all week, not sleeping and being extra naughty. Somehow through the pain and drug induced drowsiness (or unfortunately despite my efforts a lack there of) he has also mastered climbing on the kitchen table, opening the back screen door to get outside, removing diapers and refusing to wear them AND sticking his fingers down his throat to projectile vomit.  My motto all week has been "I love him indefinitely". Hah!  Of course I love him but I have had to take a lot of deep breathes and repeat that motto more than I think any "good" mother should have to.

I feel comforted to know I am not alone and that many of my friends with toddlers the same age are also going through the exact same thing. Kudos to my friend SH who texted me this message yesterday:

"After the day I've had I'll be filling [k's pool] with vodka, diving in and drinking my way back to the surface".

And how....

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